My New ‘Celine’

My New ‘Celine’

Okay, so it isn’t actually a Celine bag but it’s pretty damn close! I really needed a new handbag but I very rarely ever find one’s that I like in store. I usually look in Topshop and although there were a few I were impartial to the price tag was absolutely horrendous. To be quite honest I’m getting sick of outrageous high street brands with designer price tags (I looked at some pants in American Apparel for 75ยฃ the other day, just no), I’m 17, still in sixth form and don’t have time for a job with revision so I’ve resorted to more ‘thrifty’ shopping starting with my new gorgeous handbag!

Can be purchased here for ยฃ22 inc. postage! (variety of designs/colours available)
As always with Ebay I do not usually get my hopes up about my purchases but honestly, this exceeded them. The bag is incredibly sturdy which is excellent for me as it means I can put all of my heavy books in it! It looks like real leather and is surprisingly high quality whatever it is made out of, which is what I tried to show in the photo two above! It has metal studs on the bottom which help the bag stand up so it prevents the bottom from being scuffed when you are out and about, it also comes with a shoulder strap if you don’t feel like holding it (I know when I’ve had a big shopping trip and my arms feel like they’re about to drop off the shoulder strap is a life saver!) It’s also very roomy on the inside, I can fit all of my daily crap I need, as pictured above, and still have space. It also has a zip pocket on the inside which I use for keys etc and one on the outside to keep precious things safe! All in all I was incredibly pleased with my purchase from Ebay, although if someone were to offer me a Celine as a replacement I wouldn’t say no…
What do you guys think of my new bag? Where do you guys go to shop for a new one?

  • Lovely bag, such a great ebay find! I've been looking for a new day bag too but like you said all the highstreet brands are so expensive. I've been eyeing a River Island bag but it's like ยฃ40 :/ may have to do some ebay searching instead!
    Great blog, I'm now following ๐Ÿ™‚
    Helen at

  • I totally agree with you, I've been looking for a new bag and I just can't find anything not totally overpriced. And I'm guilty of usually just wearing leggings to avoid the high prices of pants I actually like… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Imagine Lace


  • Me again… just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! If you want to participate, see the post on my blog here.

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  • I love the colour of the bag, such a bargain at ยฃ22!

    lucy xx

  • Love the bag!, it really is super close to the real thing.
    Little Miss Stylista

  • oh yes

  • AVY

    Pretty. I want to get a new bag.



  • I don't know how I am just discovering your blog now, I love it so much! I really want one of these bags as well, I am also sick of spending loads of money for designer names, I am not rich enough! I am too a Harry Potter fanatic so I am glad to have found you, ha!

    I have been looking for some affiliates as I get more productive with my blog this summer, if you would be interested in swapping buttons let me know!
    xxo Chelsea

  • That purse is so stunning now following you on pinterest! Actually surprised how many things you can fill in there definitely want one of these!

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