MAC Haul!

MAC Haul

The other week I spent a small fortune on what looks like a very miniature haul from MAC! It seems to always be the case that I spend a fortune in MAC though! I wasn’t too impressed with the new temperature rising and orange ranges than have come out. Neither did I get swept up with the Rihanna frenzy (I thought her colours were extremely similar to some already out) So I decided to get a few random things that I fancied trying out. I’ve never been a huge fan of buying single pots of eyeshadows, always preferring to buy palettes (Urban Decay’s ‘Naked’ palette has been my favourite for a while now and I can’t ever see it being replaced!) however, I saw the colour ‘Humid’ and ‘Guilt By Association’ and fell in love with the colours! I have combined these several times on nights out, with a little dabble in my Naked palette and the results have been really promising. I’m currently deliberating buying a pro palette and customising my own MAC shades. I absolutely love the powerchrome eye crayon, it’s much thicker than a normal eyeliner so much easier to apply if you ever have trouble! I’d recently started trying Bare Minerals foundation but wasn’t too keen so it’s back to Studio Fix for me until I find a lighter weighted foundation but with good coverage!

Eyeshadows: Gilt by Association  £16.50 and Humid £12
These two colours are absolutely stunning, the flecks of gold in Gilt by Association catch the light and look lovely when used for a smokey eye combo.
Here I used Half Baked (Naked Palette) in the corner of my eye and then applied Humid with a flat brush. I then used a fluffier brush to dab on Gilt by Association at the end of my eye and where I would usually put my eyeliner.


Temperature Rising Powerchrome Eye Pencil in “Polished Jet”  is £16
This colour is a perfect grey for a smokey eye look (I haven’t got a photo of it on but trust in me it is delightful!) The thickness of the pencil is perfect for blending, with eyeliners that aren’t jet black I often find it difficult to blend with the rest of the eyeshadow if the point of the liner is too thin but this shape is perfect!
Studio Fix Fluid is £20.50 Studio Finish Concealer is £14.50
Both of these products are ideal if, like me, you have oily skin which is prone to blemishes. I did start using Bare Minerals foundation at the start of summer as I wanted something that didn’t feel heavy on my skin in summer. Unfortunately Bare Minerals didn’t offer the coverage I wanted (It was absolutely amazing otherwise) so I’ve reverted back to Studio Fluid. The foundation and concealer are completely budge proff (they are even water resistant) The concealer is really really thick and so a little goes a long way. Which is good considering the price. It claims to cover all blemishes, dark circles and even tattoos. Talk about industrial! I use MAC’s 242 brush to apply this and it works fab under my eyes and on any redness. The foundation compliments the concealer perfectly. I would recommend going and having your shade tested at a MAC counter instead of buying online because you can never be too sure! All in all I would definitely recommend these two for all you girls who love good coverage and hate the tedious process of re-application!
Hope you enjoyed my haul! If you have any recommendations for a good summer foundation then please let me now! I am aching to find the perfect one!If you like my posts please follow me on Bloglovin’!

  • How did you get that perfect swoop line with Humid? Lovelyyy.

    Amen Fashion

    • Hey Macie! I actually use a really small bit of sellotape and put it underneath my lower lashes at the angle I want. I then apply eyeshadow and when I'm finished I take the tape off and it gives me a really perfect line! It's such a good trick to use when you want a dramatic finish to your shadow 🙂


  • Mac makeup is too good, and your eye makeup is neat and perfect, I am jealous! (mine looks like the eyeliner scribblings of a toddler ahah)

    You have such a sweet blog by the way! xx

    dozen dresses

  • i just love mac so much. i collect their lipsticks and the studio finish concealer is on my wish list and i will pick it up next time i get my studio sculpt.

  • Oooh I love a good Mac haul! You've got some great bits there, the eyeshadow looks amazing!



  • Great blog! =)

  • This haul looks amazing I'm so jealous! X

  • I love your post! I'm not sure if this will work for you because I don't have OILY, oily skin but I use NARS sheer glow foundation, but since you have oily skin I recommend getting the Matte version. It works amazing on me and I don't need a lot of application to cover my blemishes.

    I also wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Awards, which is more like a tag, and all you have to do is answer my 10 questions I have listed in one of my recent posts and tag 10 people with or under 200 followers. Then you create 10 questions of your own for them to answer. I have more information on my post and I hope you enjoy it! Lol (:


  • MAC is always on the top!
    you literally nail it !


  • That eyeshadow looked gorge
    Love this blog and followed you on bloglovin! x x x

  • Guilt by Association is something I have to have! Just found your blog and love it! you take wonderful pictures 🙂