Torrevieja, Spain!

Holiday Snaps!

Hello guys! I had a few weeks off of blogging due to jetsetting but (unfortunately) I’m back in the rainy UK which does mean I can blog again! This is just a quick post to show some of my favourite holiday snaps! I will be doing another one of these after my trip to New York, i’m so excited to return to one of my favourite cities so that post should be a big one! Hope you all enjoy my amateur iPhone photography!

This cool tent was part of an outdoor turkish sheesha/bar that me and my friend visited during her week with me on holiday. The tent and view of the harbour was absolutely amazing!

ย We hired a pedalow one day and went right out to sea in it, it was ridiculously hot so the slide on the pedalow came in handy when we wanted a dip in the ocean!
ย Where I stayed for a ‘lil while. The villa was huge and had a private pool. Luxury!


My holiday overlapped with family and family friends we all had a fab time together!
I started to become so tanned by the end of my holidays that I couldn’t pass a mirror without double taking. I never tan this deep!






Some of the views were absolutely breathtaking and the sunsets were impossible to miss. So excited to go back on holiday again! It’s ironic that last night I felt ready to come home and now I want nothing more than to be back basking in the sun! (That probably has a lot to do with the fact that it’s raining very heavily here in Manchester at the moment!) Hope you guys are all having an amazing summer!