New York City

My family holiday this year was NYC! I had a really great time but having already been there three times I didn’t spend much time on the top touristy spots (Empire state, statue of liberty etc.) I visited those sites but rummaged around NYC to find my own little spots which I really enjoyed! (I’ll list my fave spots after my pics) This is just a lil update to show some of my fave pics from the holiday.

 Burberry was just amazing in NYC had to pic it!




 The New York library was definitely one of my most favourite places to visit!



Some of my photos that I posted on Insta are here @abigailalicex










 I fell in love with the artwork and architecture of New York library, it’s definitely an underrated building!
 Grand Central Station


Top things I’d recommend in NYC
  • New York Library
This is an absolute must even if you are not an avid reader. The artwork and architecture of the building itself is gorgeous and it reminds me of Hogwarts on the inside. They also have a really amazing bookstore where you can buy really unique items
  • Bryant Park
This is right in front of NY Library so you can kill two birds with one stone. If you check online they often hold Yoga classes in the library which you can sign up for
  • Sports Game
Go see the Giants, Mets, Yankee’s etc whatever your game of choice is, see a game! We saw the Giants play the Colts (my team is NE Patriots) but the game was really good. Such a different atmosphere to sport in England
  • Mulberry Street
This street is not too far from Grenwich village which is quite popular. The street has loads of unique boutiques and amazing cafe’s (I’d recommend Ruby’s cafe) the choice and prices are amazing
  • Bella Vita Italian Restaurant
The restaurant is located on 211W and 43rd Street, just near Times Square. You do not have to dress up to go here you could show up in a tracksuit for dinner but the food is absolutely outstanding. If you are a fan of Italian food then you have to get your butt down here. The food is cheap and amazing!
  • Summer Streets Festival
My family and I caught this festival in the final week (it’s held for 3 consecutive saturdays in August) basically 9miles of road leading from Central Park to the Brooklyn bridge is closed down and open to the public to walk, run, cycle or skate down. It was an incredible experience to see so many people out and literally no cars on this one road! The festival had several stalls and rest stops and took you buy some lovely sights which I wouldn’t have otherwise experience (Mulberry Street was one) Definitely recommend this!
Hope you enjoy my recommendations and my photos! Have you ever been to NYC? If so what were your favourite places to visit? I’d love to know!

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