MAC Tranquil Cleanse Off Oil


As someone with oily skin the idea of washing my face with an oil to cleanse off oil seemed a bit contradictory to me. I always shy away from products with oil in them because I feel as though they’ll act counter productively and always make my skin more oily than it needs to be. I decided to try MAC’s Cleanse Off Oil in Tranquil because I’ve been searching for a perfect cleanser for my skin type. Lush has failed me, which surprises me. So I decided to resort to my favourite make-up brand! I must warn you that the name of this product is misleading! There is actually no oil whatsoever in the product. The cleanser smells gorgeous like sea water mixed in with grapefruit juice. Sounds like an odd combination but you’ll have to trust me! You apply the oil either onto clean skin or onto make-up and wash away with warm water. It is absolutely amazing at getting rid of  make up (although as a ritual I still use BioOil to get rid of any stubborn residue) It leaves skin feeling so fresh, soft and completely oil free. I’m in love with it. It hasn’t done much for me in terms of clearing my skin of pesky blemishes. However, I haven’t been using it over a period of six weeks (only roughly two) so perhaps it will make my skin better in the long run. The cleanser I opted for is the Tranquil version. this is specially formulated for skin which is “dry, mature or stressed out” my skin is certainly stressed out, so this appeared perfect for me. The regular cleanse off oil is described as “industrial” which scared me a little. I want to be using softer things on my skin to calm it. However, the regular oil is described as good for all skin types so if your skin isn;t mature, dry or stressed out then try the regular one instead! (It’s a clear formula rather than a turquoise colour!) I would highly recommend this cleanser to anyone, especially girls who regularly use foundation which often doesn’t come off too easily (try putting BioOil on some cotton wool and going around your face with it after washing with your usual cleanser. I bet you find some foundation on the cotton wool! Now try after cleanse off!) It smells gorgeous and leaves my skin feeling divine! I hope the long term effects are just as gorgeous!

MAC’s Cleanse Off Tranquil Oil is 19£ // Travel size is 8£ if you want a small tester!

Have you tried any of MAC’s skincare products? are you likely to try Cleanse Off Oil?

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