MAC Comfort Creme


What an expensive little pot! I have been searching for a really good moisturiser that doesn’t block my pores so I went to MAC to try out Complete Comfort Creme. It was the first time I’ve ever been disappointed in a MAC product. The moisturiser is good and definitely did leave my skin with lots of moisture, however, if I scratched my skin the moisturiser would sort of roll off my skin as though it was sitting on top of my skin rather than sinking into it. It was like a thin layer of invisible product on the top of my skin which didn’t put my mind at ease when I was after a moisturiser which didn’t block up my pores. I have normal/oily skin and I would not recommend it to anyone with the same or even similar skin type. The moisturiser may work for really really dry skin but even so I’d be a bit cautious! The smell of this is fairly boring as well, I understand that MAC haven’t added any perfumes or extra unnecessary oils which is good however, it smells almost “clinically”. Weird? Yes I know… just smell it! All in all I wasn’t happy with this product. I am glad I bought it in America which means I didn’t have to pay the full English price for it otherwise I would’ve been really ticked off!

Anyone else tried Complete Comfort Creme? Any moisturiser recommendations?

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