Nasty Gal Haul!


I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Nasty Gal. I do adore 90% of their clothes however, it bothers me that most of them are from other companies and I often wonder how much Nasty Gal increases the price of items they are passing on. I also have bought an item of clothing I adored, until I washed it and the colour ran completely ruining it. Plus, I often get a horrendous customs charge which I don’t get with other companies from the USA such as DollsKill. Anyway, I’ve now vowed only to ever buy from NastyGals Sale section since the prices are more suited to the quality of item you are receiving. The other week I purchased a few things which I love from NastyGal!


I adore the neckline of this dress I think it’s gorgeous and I haven’t found a dress like it on the high street before. The bottom is a lovely netting which doesn’t poof out too much!
Unfortunately, I think I got one of the last ones as I can no longer see this dress on the NastyGal website!
I love the insert on this dress and the collar. It kind of reminds me of Wendy from Peter Pan. The right colour, the collar etc. This is such a gorgeous and comfy dress to wear. It’s a great length for me (providing I am 5″10) I can’t wait to crack it out when the weather is good!
Definitely one of my favourites, mainly because of the detail on the back of the dress! I think the floral cut out on the top of the dress is lovely as well. The only downside to the dress is that the bottom is made of very thin material so you have to be careful with your underwear!
On a very rare occasion do I ever wear jeans. I’m just not a “jeans” type of girl. However, with this new Nasty Gal shirt I make exceptions. This is such a flattering shirt if, like me, you have a small waist contrasting with pretty wide hips. I adore the colour, the collar and the floral pattern. Definitely my favourite shirt at the moment!
I don’t do clothing posts very often. Would you guys like to see more of them?