OCC in Radiate


I cannot fully convey how much I am loving OCC Lip Tar at the moment. OCC is relatively new to England as Selfridges only began to stock it a couple of months ago but I got my hands on a set of these tars during a recent trip to New York. Radiate is a wonderfully vivid red colour. Think Russian Red or Ruby Woo. I’m sure Snow White would love this product. I do adore wearing lipstick, especially MAC but recently I’m leaning towards these tars. Here’s a few reasons why I prefer them to normal lipsticks:


  • They last a hell of a lot longer. They’re drink and kiss proof!
  • When applied with a small lip brush you get more of a defined and steady shape than with lipsticks and lip pencils.
  • Lipsticks and Lip glosses can often feel sticky. However OCC dries on your lips like a thick stain meaning you literally cannot even feel it when it’s there
  • OCC is incredible for making your lips feel soft. Some of the MAC Matte lipsticks dry out my lips but this keeps them moisturised to the highest degree!

I’d definitely recommend that you try some of the OCC Lip Tars, they have loads of shades and you can combine two or three shades to make a unique one (they blend like a dream). I definitely think that these are going to soon become a staple product in make-up artists kit bags!



What do you think of OCC? Are you likely to try a Lip Tar?


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