Naked 3 Palette


“I’VE GOT ONE! I”VE GOT ONE” I scream as I run out of Sephora. Can you even consider yourself a beauty blogger if you don’t own a Naked palette? -philosophical musing of the day. Of course you can. But there is no doubt that at the moment this item is the most coveted of all the beauty blogger’s worldwide. But why are Naked palettes so popular? Well firstly the beautiful colours, secondly the free primer (although in 3 you only get sachets as opposed to the mini tube of primer in 1) and thirdly I don’t think many brands actually do a palette with so many colours. Usually MAC and NARS have four maybe five colours in a palette but Naked gives you 12. God bless you Urban Decay, you are the gods of eyeshadow for sure. Naked 3 contains more rosy hues than any of the other palettes. The palette has a very feminine yet sultry and sexy allure to it. If I am honest my favourite is still the first palette because as you can see from the swatches a few of the colours are very similar!

(Bottom to top: Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit & Buzz)

As you can see from the swatches ‘Strange’ is not a very useful shade apart from highlighting under your eyebrow. Otherwise it’s completely not noticeable, I can only see if because I know I swatched it on my arm! Dust and Burnout are practically the same colour apart from Dust is slightly more glittery. I really do like Limit as I think it’s a good rosy purple colour!

(Bottom to Top: Trick, Nooner, Liar & Factory)
The shades become more differentiated as you move towards the darker side of the palette as you can tell. I think that Trick is definitely going to be my most used shade, combined with Dust and Nooner. I think that they compliment each other really well. Factory is a bit of a daft colour I think. It looks like such a gorgeous caramel shade but actually its really dark and seems to have been thrown in the mix. I think that Naked should have at least two dark shades but Mugshot, Darkside and Blackheart are more than enough. So I think that they should have made this a bit lighter.

(Bottom to top: Mugshot, Darkside, Blackheart)
Mugshot is such a lovely colour, I adore it! Blackheart is indeed very dark for a rosy based palette but I love the rosy hint of sparkle that it has. I think that Factory and Darkside are very similar and it makes little sense why Factory wasn’t swapped with Mugshot since it’s clearly the darker shade but oh well.
I complied a small video tutorial on how I create my fav Naked look!
1) I used ‘Strange’ under my eyebrow to highlight and make my eyes look bigger
2) Apply ‘Burnout’ to the upper eye crease
3) Using ‘Nooner’ shape the eyeball socket and move the brush inward making sure its all blended
4) Use ‘Dust’ on the inner eye corner
5) Apply ‘Blackheart’ to the outer eye and blend inwards and upwards towards ‘Nooner’
6) Apply ‘Buzz’ in the middle section of the eye to blend
7) Use liquid or pencil liner to create the style of eyeliner that suits you best!

Ta-da! The finished look, you can see as well on the video but this would be finished without the liquid liner!

Hope you enjoyed this review! What do you think of Naked 3? Will you be purchasing the palette?
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  • These colors are so pretty! I love how you added gifs of yourself putting it on, that's really unique! I may have to try it; it works well for a blogging format because you can only show so much in photos.

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    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

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  • Ahh, I really want one! The colors are sooooo pretty, and I love the little gifs you make, such a good idea!

  • Fab post, I've never tried one of these before so thanks for explaining why they're so coveted amongst beauty bloggers.

    The Belle Narrative

  • I bought the Naked 3 palette too! I rarely wear eyeshadow but I couldn't stop my hands from grabbing this on my visit to Sephora.

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