Zoom Fast Black Lash


Every time I see a mascara review on Blogger I always recommend this one. It seems like not a lot of people use MAC mascaras, I’ve tried one other besides this one which wasn’t as good but honestly this mascara is my cult beauty product. I cannot live without this. I’ve been using it for the past 3 years and I’ve never used another one. My lashes are normal length but with around three strokes of this brush my lashes reach up to my eyebrows. It’s a miracle! I very often wear false lashes because this does the trick. I tried my mom’s “They’re Real” form Benefit and honestly, it’s no comparison. MAC’s is the best. My lashes always look fuller and longer without looking clumpy. The mascara lasts around 2/3 months and I use it every day so it’s amazing quality for the money you spend. I’d highly recommend this to anyone as it’s such an amazing product and I know people would be surprised at how amazing it makes your lashes!

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