Coveting Chanel



Slowly coming to terms with the fact that I’m completely spoilt. My lovely parentals bought me this box of Chanel goodies and I’m absolutely loving it! The body cream smells absolutely luscious and I’m vowing to use it more often as opposed to the odd occasion because if I run out I’ll definitely buy more (the cream is that gorgeous!). Chanel No. 5 has always been my favourite scent and for the past four years I’ve never not had a bottle, the scent is strong which means you only need a little bit of a spritz so it does last long! This Rouge Allure is also my first dabble with Chanel Lipsticks and I must say they are gorgeous (although very expensive for a lipstick, but then again it is Chanel so what did I expect really?) This box of goodies definitely would make an excellent present, don’t forget Mother’s Day is coming up soon and I think all mom’s deserve a treat now and again. I know mine definitely does! Despite the price tag of Chanel beauty I think I’ll save and splurge rather than be really tight with my products from time to time. I’d definitely recommend you guys trying the body butter, it’s heaven!

What do you think of Chanel beauty? Would you ever give it a try?