Too Faced BB Cream


Too Faced was always one of those brands that I was a bit reluctant to try because of the huge price tag. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re a regular reader of my posts you’ll know that I don’t object paying a big price if it means that I’m getting great quality that I can’t find anywhere else. But I resent this make-up snobbery you get with 99% of bloggers, you all know the type I mean… If it’s not Nars, Chanel or Too Faced then it isn’t worth having. However for a wonderful £9 I picked up this BBCream by TooFaced in T. K. Maxx. This retails for a whopping £27.50. I had heart palpitations when I realised how much it was worth and then I laughed.. HAHA to all you people who spent a day’s minimum wage on a BB Cream! Is it worth it? Well, no. Is any BB Cream worth that kind of money? No. Is any foundation? Hm, probably but you’d have to convince me.

As you can see from the swatch the BB cream is a little dark but it worked in my favour because I bought it to use on holiday! It did feel very good on my skin I’m not going to lie. The consistency is very nice and it applies very easily. But then again don’t all BB Creams do that? Most BB Creams have SPF too, usually around 30/20. Too Faced has this, but what else is it offering me that BB Creams for £8 don’t? Only one thing… the brand name. There is nothing wrong with this BB Cream, there is also nothing wrong with Garnier’s BB Cream (£6.66) or Rimmel’s BB Cream (£6.99) or Gosh’s BB Cream (£6.99). Too Faced is also more expensive than MACs BB Cream, so if you did want a high end one then I’d recommend MACs (a review of their cream can be found in my product directory). It is nice, however, to treat yourself to things you wouldn’t usually go for. To buy something more expensive just because you can, you want to indulge. Don’t we all? As a one-off I would be happy to buy this at full price, it may even make me use it a bit more sparsely. But I definitely would not repurchase this item. I strongly recommend that you try other BB creams before this one, form companies who are more specialists in skin care than Too Faced (remember BB Creams are BEAUTY BALMS and are supposed to be, firstly, good FOR you rather than, secondly, look good ON you). If you are searching for a bargain Too Faced find then head down to T. K Maxx, if you want to try without splurging like I did then this store is definitely your best bet!


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