dressing like it’s summer… in spring

It’s not quite summer, but it’s not winter either. We’re slowly migrating into spring and man it feels lovely. But what do we wear when Spring comes round? Is it too early to crack out the dresses and bare legs? But surely its not cold enough for me to be still wearing a furry jumper? Mediation is key and I’ve found the perfect spring solution for myself. Crop tops. I never used to wear crop tops for fear that my gut would show when I was sat down but I’ve come to terms to accept my body and how it looks. I still aim to be healthy every day but I’m done criticising my imperfections. If I want to wear a crop top, so ahead and try to stop me. I love them! Pairing a crop top with jeans is perfect for this kind of weather. In short the kind of weather that you’re not sure is going to remain constant and consistent. You have both summer/winter mashed into one. On the brighter days opt for shorts with your crop, matching two-sies are all the rage right now and your closet will be missing something if you don’t have one in! (check out Motel Rocks for inspo)
This gorgeous two piece can be found at GoldSoul, this is definitely one for the more warmer days of spring that we face. I adore the baroque print on the shorts and bralette. They are both really comfy (especially the top) which comes with adjustable straps!
This crop top hails from NastyGal, its a black velvet featuring sheer white lace detail on the top, you’ll find it in the sale section. These awesome pants are from ASOS!
This look is my favourite one just because of how wonderfully simple it is! The long sleeved crop hails from BrandyMelville and the jeans are from Topshop, the floppy hat featured is from American Apparel. The top is so flatters and soft it’s like a babies butt and I just love wearing Vintage style hats like this, it’s such a treat!
Here is a more detailed collage of my favourite crop top look!
I sincerely hope you all enjoyed my post! What are your go-to spring looks? Please share below!