Facial Cleansing Products

 I’m guilty of thinking hat taking make up off can be done with one facial wipe. That you can cleanse intoxicated after a night out and still manage to remove every speck of make up on your face. I was, of course, wrong. Since there are so many products out there that tend to every skin type, SPF and sensitivity levels cleansing has become a much more complex process. Luckily for me I’ve finally managed to find some products that I’m sure I’ll be sticking with in the long run. Some of these products can be used on all skin types, but some are more suited to oily, sensitive skin.

First off if i’m wearing heavy make-up (i.e after a night out of after cheer comp) I’ll use MACs Cleanse Off Oil. Now the name of this is really misleading because it actually has no oil in it at all. Having oily skin I avoided this product for a while until I was finally told. Stupid name MAC, what are you playing at? Basically this removes every trace of stubborn make up and is really gentle on my skin. It smells lovely and fresh too!
La Roche Posay is a recent discovery of mine and I worship them now! They tend to every skin type so if you check out Escentual there is sure to be something for you there! The Effaclar range specialises in oily and blemish prone skin. The cleanser makes my skin feel so soft, clear and my pores feel much tighter. The foaming gel can be bought here for £9.75, bargain!

When reading Company magazines review of Avene Eau Thermale Spray I thought: What the hell is the point in having a water spray when you can splash your face for free from a tap? I’d rather walk out into the rain than pay for a water spray, i thought. Oh, how naive I was. This Avene Eau Thermale Spray is only £8.50 for a massive 300ml canister! Let me tell you a few things about it: it helps irritated skin, heals sunburn, refreshes the skin (especially on flights!), helps to sooth shaving and nappy rash, heals bites, acts as a make-up setting agent and it also leaves a protective barrier on your skin. If this thing is water then it must be holy. I use it on cotton wool to remove stubborn make-up, for shaving rash and to refresh my face. I also use it s part of my cleansing routine, after my foaming facial wash from La Roche Posay but before any creams.
Another savior, Ocean Salt by Lush. Easily one of the most popular (if not the most popular) facial and body scrub amongst beauty bloggers. There isn’t anything much I can say about it apart from 1) it does EVERYTHING a scrub should do and 2) BUY IT! – £7.25

Ah La Roche Posay. I love you. These are two excellent treatment moisturisers I use. Effaclar Duo+ I use first. It unblocks pores, leaves your skin soft, controls shine and refines the skins texture. All for £13.95 at Escentual! It also acts as an anti-mark blemish cream, it gets rid of redness and any skin pigmentation. After Duo I use Effaclar K, this cream exfoliates, tightens pores,adds radiance, minimises blackheads and blemishes and prevents they return. It also acts as a perfect base for make-up as it helps to matte your skin. What more can you ask for? Oh, and at £12.30 from Escentual, this thing is a steal!

I hope you guys found this post informative. What do you think of my products? Are there any you’d like to recommend to me?