Spring Clean Wardrobe Sale

There comes that time of the year again when I think “Fuck… I have as many clothes in my wardrobes (four) as there are grains of sand on this earth.” I grit my teeth, I become ruthless, I am as fierce as Beyonce and I will get rid of some stuff. This year I was brutal and I’ve axed around 100 members of the exclusive club that is my wardrobe!

Can you believe that most of the stuff I had thrown away I hadn’t even worn… or worn once. It’s criminal so I couldn’t bring myself to just throw the stuff away (majority has gone to charity) so I’ve listed some things up on La Belle Vie Ebay so that I may get even the smallest bit of money back from when I bought too much and wore too little. Basically you guys can shop the pieces of my wardrobe that I’m parting with. There are a few pieces up, here’s a little preview…

All of the titles of the clothing are click-through links!

Most things on sale are either from Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Hollister or A&F. However, there are a few designer things up. Anyone ever seen a Ralph Lauren blazer for £10?! Well now you have! Most things are up for £3/5 which isn’t a lot so if you want something cheap, unworn and cute then head over to my ebay. I’d recommend anyone who wants to clean out their wardrobe to sell a few pieces on there because it’s so simple to get everything set up and five of my items have already sold this afternoon so things can shift pretty quickly!