Taking photos with the fujifilm instax

There has been so much hype about these cameras the past few months and there is a good reason for it! I’d wanted a camera that printed polaroid’s for a really long time now. I think there’s a tendency for people in this modern world to take so many pictures of things without printing them off, just keeping them on a memory card and not allowing them a kind of photographic life of their own. Photos on Facebook, iPhoto, twitter etc are so flat. Nothing compares to holding a photo in your hands and having the memories become a tangible thing. Anyway… I picked up the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera from Jessops the other day (£65 much cheaper than anywhere else on the high street, Urban outfitters were charing £90 lol what a joke) and I love it! The camera is very easy to use and makes perfect polaroids!

The package I bought from Jessops included 40 sheets of Instax film, a strap to carry the camera and the camera itself. Make sure that you aren’t being ripped off by some high street stores if you do buy one of these. Urbadn Outfitters were charging £25 more than Jessops and were not offering anything extra. Plus in Jessops I bought a 3 year warranty for the camera for only £3. With Urban Outfitters not being a camera specialist they did not have a warranty for the camera so I would have been paying more money and not getting as much for it!

The camera is a perfect size and can fit into a handbag easily. The focus on it is actually really good for a camera so small and the camera has different settings for different light modes. It even tells you which setting you should be using by lighting up, all you do it turn a small dial to fit the correct setting. So you don’t have to know much about camera to be using this! The polaroids it makes are about as big as a credit card. They are pretty small but they’re absolutely perfect for sticking in journals and adding notes underneath. The only downside is that the polaroid films work out at £1 each. You can buy bundles from Amazon and Ebay which make the polaroids work out cheaper but they are pretty expensive. All in all I’d definitely recommend this camera to anyone who loves having photos printed and who often goes to beautiful sights and wants little keep sakes of them!

What do you think about the Fujifulm instax? Would you buy one?

  • I was considering getting this camera but decided that I didn't want a battery powered camera so I am now saving up to get the Polaroid Z340, a lot more expensive, not as pretty but better quality.. now to save up lol 😛

    • The thing is the batteries are so cheap and are as easy to carry around as a charger. If not even easier! I agree though, if you're super into photography I'd save up for a better polaroid camera. I have my SLR as an alternative so didn't want to spend too much on another camera!

  • I've been wanting to buy this for quite some months now but I still haven't managed to save any money up as I always find others things to spend my money on! I hopefully will get round to saving though. I can't believe you got a warranty for £3!

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  • Looks so cool. 😉
    Lovely greets Nessa

  • I'm definitely going to get one of these at some point. I've always wanted an instant camera, and now that they've been made into such bag-friendly styles, I want one even more. It's too easy to take hundreds of photos when I'm out and about and sometimes I don't even look through them. This will probably make me more alert of what I'm actually photographing!


  • This looks so lovely. I think that the white is so nice!

  • I've got a Fujifilm Instax too and I LOVE it! Although the film is quite expensive I still love it and the effect it gives pictures!

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  • I added this camera to my wishlist. I have been wishing to have once for so long! Love your blog, Abigail, here you have one more follower ♥

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  • The camera itself is such a cool piece of tech. Although I imagine for me at least it'd just end up sitting on a dusty shelf looking pretty.

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  • Great stuff! The camera still in my wishlist till now, must have it! <3

  • I have been eyeing this camera for long now,, there is so much hype about it that I just cannot resist and as you said we thend to take many pics and don't get them printed, so this comes in handy..
    U got a really good deal girl
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  • I love instax mini too! But mine is the old version! xx

  • I need to invest in one of these ! They're such a great way to keep memories 🙂

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  • I've seen these around and I really want one they look so cute! x

  • really want to get one of these cameras, they look so fun!

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  • Been hearing a lot of positive reviews about this camera, and yeah i think its pretty good.

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  • I saw this camera few days ago in magazine and I'm in love! That's great! *o*

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  • I definitely need to get my hands on one of these soon! It's so nice you made a post about it, bet a lot of people want to know a little more. x

  • I really wanted this but its the price of the film that reallly puts me off!!


    • I agree that the film is pretty pricey but you can get bundle deals on amazon so all in all I think it's worth it 🙂

  • I WANT ONE SO BADLY. The photos they create are so cute, so nice to old onto for memories. Pricey, but too adorable to resist. Great post, love the look of your blog! xx

  • I have one in pink and I absolutely love mine! I take it everywhere with me 🙂
    Great review on such a great little fun camera.


  • This is so cute! I love the idea of this but it's just the price of the film that puts me off!


  • My best friend received one of these for her birthday in blue, it's so pretty and the photos are so cool, and such a cute memento but the film is so expensive! Yours is gorgeous though, the white is such a cool colour.

  • ooh might have to give this little camera a try, looks gorge!
    s x
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  • they look so cute, I have one, but i wish I got one when these were out, mines such a horrible colour – literally darkest blue ever – and i HATE blue hahaha x

  • I have been looking into getting a fujifilm for a while now! This one is so cute, can't wait to see more post involving it! I love your blog, by the way!


  • Polaroids really are making a huge comeback. I haven't jumped on it yet. I just got my iPhone back so I'm in honeymoon phase all over again.

  • Nice pola, i want to buy it in pink ahaha Real girl

  • Feeling jealous! I want one of those! x


  • I want one of those really bad! 🙂


  • I absolutely adore mine! Film is so pricey though, i treasure it so it seems i only ever take photos on a rare occasion!!

    what jennifer did next x


  • This camera is on top of my wishlist, I think
    the only problem is that the film is so expensive.
    But I also think that it is worth it because I share your opinion
    that there is nothing like holding a picture in your hands. 🙂

    And your blog is really lovely,
    I just had to follow you. 😉


  • Wow.. I am envy your new camera! real pictures are a real pleasure! big like!!


  • Great post 🙂
    I've been looking out for cameras like this! I think it would be great to take pictures and put them straight into a journal as you travel rather than having to wait until you get back home from your holidays.
    Plus, I had no idea about how much Urban Outfitters were ripping us off, I always got the impression that was just the price of them, so thanks for highlighting that.

    I love your blog, I'm following you 🙂



  • I'd love one of these but I'm so put off by the price of the film! I think I'll just take the plunge though
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  • I received a polaroid camera for Christmas this year and I love it! My bulletin boards are filled with photos of my friends and I! I love how it they capture a certain sense of youth and carelessness in each other! xx


  • I have wanted a polaroid for such a long time, I'm going to have to get myself one of these!

    Lou x
    Bluebird | Beauty and life blog

  • looks lovely, only downside I have is I would like full size polaroids

  • How small are the polaroid pictures? I really want a polaroid camera, but as I don't have one I'm just printing them off myself and cutting them out to look like polaroid camera pictures- which is obviously so much hassle! 🙂


  • Thanks a lot for your lovely comment, I'm super glad to have you as a reader now 🙂
    When it comes to the Fujifilm Instax I want it so badly and at Hema it isn't that expensive anymore either 😀