NARS Contour Review

For beginner’s to contouring Nars’s contouring kit is a great place to start. Before I started this blog I knew very little about contouring and the effect that you can achieve with different shades of base make-up. But after reading several posts and watching some youtube videos I decided to give it a go. I’d heard about the mars contour blush from another blogger who I really enjoy reading, the contour blush is easy to apply than other contouring kits because it’s a powder so very little can go wrong here unless you don’t know how to blend!

The contour kit comes in different shades but ‘Paloma’ is very good for white skin. I start by applying the darker shades under my cheekbones and brushing upwards towards my ears. I use the lighter colour just above the dark and then blend together using the lighter powder. You can achieve contouring effect on your nose by applying the darker shades to either side of the once and the highlighter along the middle. Nars products are always a little pricey but I usually think that their prices justify their quality (except with their foundations which I really dislike!) The contour blush is ยฃ30 and I usually order from Selfridge’s (click here!). I would recommend checking out some YouTuber’s and how they apply the blush especially if you are a newbie to contouring!


All in all I really like this product and think it’s a great buy. What do your think of the contour blush or NARS in general?

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