OCC Lip Tar; Hush & Anita

I’ve already done a couple of reviews on these bad boys simply because I think they’re one of the best make-up products around. In case you haven’t heard of OCC Lip Tar they are basically liquid lipsticks (not lip glosses). They stain your lip and then mattify creating the lipstick look. However, they’re much better than you’re average or even high-end lipstick because they last much longer. I mean they’re totally kiss proof! OCC also have the most daring and unique range of colours that you won’t find on the high street (think along the lines of Lime Crime shades). Did I mention they’re also great value for money? At £11.50 they’re miles cheaper than your standard high end brands. OCC also offer metallic finishes and glosses so there really is something for everyone. I’m on a mission to own all of the shades, currently I’m at 8/34, going steady. You also get a lot in the tubs so they last much longer than solid lipsticks. Also, they come with the cutest little brush which makes application accurate and easy.All in all the brand is a winner for me.

Hush; is a lovely pale pink shade which would suit any skin tone. I love light pinks for regular day wear as you can tell there is something applied but it isn’t too drastic or overpowering for the day time. You should definitely consider buying this is you’re a fan of MACs Creme Cup, Snob or Saint-Germaine.

Anita; A darker shade than Hush for sure. Antia is a red-plum shade but it doesn’t look as dark when applied to the lips. I wear this shade when I’m out for dinner because it suits my red wine dinner option! It has more of a glossy than a matte finish so is perfect for all of you who like a shimmery finish to your lipstick. For fans of MACs Rebel.

As you can see the tar’s come in a small plastic bag which is really handy because you can pop the used lip brush into the small bag so it doesn’t stain the contents of your handbag. It also comes with a small card with application tips, OCC recommends using their “Clear” tar to make the colour more vibrant and long lasting.
What do you guys think of OCC? Would you consider buying Hush or Anita?

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