Summer reading

Anyone who knows me personally will know that the things I care most about in the world tend to begin with the letter ‘F’; Fashion, fitness, family, friends, freedom and fiction (including ‘non’). Here’s a fun fact, if you were to rob me it would be more profitable for you to steal all of my books instead of my TV/Laptop/Camera because the total worth of all the books in my room exceeds £2,500, I know right? The three most interesting books I’ve picked up lately all happen to be non-fiction and really great reads especially if you’re a beauty or fashion blogger.

100 Ideas That Changed Fashion by Harriet Worsley £13.57: This book is definitely for those girls who like me, religiously buy Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair etc each week. The 100 Ideas That Changed Fashion is a timeline which documents all the discoveries made in the fashion designing world. It’s really interesting to find out precisely when the hot pant was made and then when it became socially acceptable to wear them. Or that costume jewellery aka jewellery that looked real but was actually fake was brought to light by Coco Chanel, which is something I definitely would;t have expected of such a high end designer. This book is an eyeopener in many ways to the history behind the clothes that we throw on mindlessly each day. The novel is split into 100 pages, with stunning photography and is a delight.


Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin £11.61: Can you really be a beauty blogger without knowing about Kevyn Aucoin? Hm… I don;t know but Kevyn has been absolutely revolutionary in the make-up world since way before i was born. Making Faces is full of make-up trends and easy to follow instructions to recreate the looks that Kevyn has created himself. For those ladies looking for a different make-up look, or simply looking to recreate some of the worlds most iconic make-up trends then this book is a must buy. It has gorgeous photography and is wonderfully crafted. Definitely one that I’ll be popping on and off my shelves for some time to come.

IT by Alexa Chung £13.29: I don’t really know where i stand on Alexa Chung… As models go I don’t think she’s the best by a long shot, I really despise the “socialite” career path (if it can even be called a career), i’m not too sure I agree with the fact that she’s so popular because of the fact that she’s a celebrity and also happens to be indie. I think I’d rather sit down and chat with her ex Alex Tuner than her, in fact I know I would. Yet there is something about here that is quite endearing. I think she nails that attainable girl next door look and attitude which makes her as a model and as a celebrity incredibly realistic and down to earth. Her novel ‘IT’ is basically a very erratic, random collection of her opinions, thoughts and past times. After reading it I feel as though I know what Alexa is like personally as it’s clear that she’s poured a lot of herself into her work which is something I definitely admire. Her novel IT is great for a little laugh and pick me up. It’s full of advice and observations which are genuinely moving and interesting. So there… I didn’t really care of her, but now I think I do… Alexa Chung everyone!

What are you reading this summer? I’d love to know!
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