Minimale Animale x Nasty Gal

Increasingly designer bikini and swim wear is making its way onto the market. Most notable of these from fashion bloggers is the emergence of brands Minimale Animale and Triangl. My summer holiday does’t take off from Manchester until the 22nd August when I’ll be flying to Doha and then Bangkok, Thailand. So naturally I’m stocking up on summer clothes for the beach and the hot city. I did want to treat myself to a lovely new bikini for my travels. One that would withstand my outrageous love for the salty ocean, one that wouldn’t fray and go all ‘bobbly’ (I’m sure you know what I mean) around the bum, and one that fit as well as VS underwear does. I originally leant towards a Triangl bikini (even though they do retail at 100£ and I’m betting most of you won’t be buying an underwear set that expensive any time soon). But Minimale Animale had been my favourite over Triangl yet their prices really are extortionate! However, this gorgeous piece was on offer at NastyGal! It should have been £105 at Nasty Gal but was reduced to £52! What a bargain, the sale price was around half the price of the Triangl bikini I was looking at plus it’s RRP is dearer meaning more value for my money!

I really love Minimale Animale’s designs as a whole and think I made the correct choice choosing them over Triangl (although I’m sure I will cave sometime soon because their designs are stunning too!) But at the moment I think Triangl are more of a ‘trend’ bikini that girls are loving posting on Instagram but aren’t necessarily going to get a lot of wear out of them. The Naomi bikini is really well suited to my body because I have a big juicy peach bum but aren’t very well endowed in the boobie area. The high waisted pants compliment my hourglass figure really well and make my legs look even longer than they already are! I really like the thick straps on the top as sometimes high street bikinis can be incredibly flimsy with straps popping off or coming loose left, right and centre. The bikini feels excellent on and incredibly sturdy so I’m sure it will  last me well on my month long Thailand excavation!

All in all I’m pretty sure these new designer swimwear ranges are here to stay, certainly Minimale Animale is as their products are not only fantastically cute but they fit well and are of an incredibly high quality. I can’t wait to see what new designs they bring out and what other bikini company is going to take off!
What do you think of Minimale Animale or designer swim wear in general?

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  • Oh my gosh how gorgeous is this bikini?! I actually think it's much nicer and unique than the Triangl ones everyone's obsessing over right now xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  • Don't normally say this but that is a beautiful bikini 🙂

  • Ohh, I've neever seen a bikini like this before! And I totally know what you mean about bobbly bikinis – so annoying!

  • What a unique and different bikini, love the colour x

  • I'm so jealous that your going to Bangkok I really want to go! Interesting bikini, love the colour

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  • This looks lovely, the colour is gorgeous too x

    Josie’s Journal

  • This swimsuit looks stunning!! just love the bright hue with mesh detailing!! I love triangl but really want this 🙂 xx

  • that's a really nice bikini, i love higher waist bottoms – so flattering for hourglass figures! never heard of minimale animale but i love nastygal, i'll have to check them out before summer hits over here!

    steph /

  • I'm always a bit up in arms about paying a lot for bikinis because I know by next summer I'll want a new one regardless of the old ones state. Having said that, I do think you can notice a big difference in the material and its reaction to extreme heat or salty seas! Like you said, no one can be doing with a saggy, bobbly bum.

    I'm absolutely in love with your bargain! The colour is awesome and for half price you've hit the jackpot.
    We are new followers, have an amazing holiday! JS xx