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I received this lovely box as part of ELLE magazine subscription. I religiously buy magazines every month so why I have only just decided to take out a subscription which saves me lots of money is beyond me! ELLE was offering this stunning Benefit box as part of their May subscription package so I decided to treat myself to it just in time for summer!

1. Bikini-tini Cream & Powder Eyeshadow: This eyeshadow is lovely and shimmery. It’s a very nude/beige shade so it barely noticeable in the pigmentation itself. However, the shimmer catches the light and looks wonderful. The long wear powder shadow to the right is different in the texture of the cream eyeshadow but is very similar in colour. Slightly more pigmented and less shimmery.

2. Hoola Bronzer: I don’t think there’s a beauty blogger around that hasn’t heard of Hoola. I much prefer Hoola to Dallas which is one of Benefit’s older bronzer’s. Hoola is also fab for contouring. I do appreciate Benefit’s square brushes, but let’s be real, no beauty blogger ever uses those things!

3. Watt’s Up Highlighter: This is a product that I had never even considered buying before but I do absolutely love it. This highlighter is no too strong however I’m sure it’s build able so you could achieve a less natural look if you preferred. The thing I love about this is the ease of application, you simply rub the Watt’s Up highlighter on your index and forefinger and then dab it onto your cheekbones. Much easier to use than liquid highlighters such as High Beam or NAR’s Copacabana because there is not risk of smudging your foundation with the highlighter on top. Definitely recommend.

4. Hoola Lipgloss: I must say I’m not a huge fan of lipgloss. In fact i’m not a fan at all. I think it’s much too sticky, hardly every lasts long, it doesn’t pigment very well and it just makes your lips look like a slip and slide. Nah. However, I will say that this gloss smells nice and is er… that’s about it. Lipstick for the win.

5. They’re Real Mascara: As far as mascaras go it’s terrible. It’s for those girls who follow trends, not those who actually know what makes a good mascara. There is a MASSIVE hype over this mascara maybe because the advertising was so well done for it but it is actually terrible. The full price of this mascara is ridiculous for what you’re getting, you can find alternatives from Superdrug or Boots that would do a better job. The pros; it makes your eyelashes black and lengthens them to a point (albeit a very pathetic one). If you want a great mascara try MAC’s Zoom Fast Black Lash, I’ve been using it for three years now and it’s still my favourite. Makes my lashes hit my eyebrows it’s so damn good.

The kit also comes with cute tutorials on different looks to create with their products. All in all it’s an excellent box considering it was free,. However, I would not pay full price for it. I would recommend spending the money on a full size of Watt’s Up. It was a great box to try some of Benefit’s products without having to commit to full price. But one thing I’ve learnt is that They’re Real is shit, Benefit’s Bronzer/Blusher brushes are laughable and Watt’s Up is perhaps one of the best highlighter’s around.

What do you think of these products? Any of them interest you at all?
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  • I've never tried any of these products before so it's definitely a good heads up to read that They're Real don't live up to the hype!

  • Hey lovely post! Really enjoyed reading this and would love you to stop by my blog sometime! Have a great day, Sarah x

  • The whole product is so cutely put together:) I would love to eventually try Hoola! x
    Katherine Rosie | UK Beauty Blog

  • These all look gorgeous, such a good deal too! I love Hoola and I'm so keen to try Watt's Up!

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  • I was really tempted by this offer too, didn't go for it in the end though as Elle isn't a magazine I read every month
    Megan x

  • This looks awesome. I've heard people rave about the hoola bronzer but haven't tried it. I've tried the mascara, but i don't think it suits wimpy lashes like mine. =P

    amadea |

  • Oh wow! This looks amazing! xx


  • Completely agree with your opinion on the mascara, what a waste of money that was. It just makes your eyelashes look spider leggy and awful. I love the watts up highlighter though too haha. I've nominated your blog for a liebster award!
    love jen | Jennifer's Journal x

  • Packaging is so cute!! & I cant remember life without Hoola!

    Lovely product review!
    (New to the blogging world)

  • I just got "the most glamourous" neutral eye kit and I absolutely love it x

  • I love this box I agree with the Mascara as I use Maybelline Colossal and it does much better than Benefit's They're Real and I also felt the need to go purchase a full size of the "Watt's Up" Highlighter