Smells like summer x Jack Wills

The days are long, the nights are long because it’s so damn hot I can’t get to sleep. It must mean that we are finally in the midst of summer and as far as the UK goes, we aren’t doing too bad. After roaming around manchester the other weekend my dad bought this lovely Jack Wills dress for me in the sales supposed to be ยฃ60 reduced to something like ยฃ34 which I thought was pretty good. Although I still cannot believe Jack Wills employees get a 75% discount, that must taste pretty damn sweet! My friend Sam and I decided to go for lunch out because it was so sunny so it was the perfect occasion to wear my lovely new dress addition! So far this week I’ve not been up to very much aside from working which is slowly killing me, getting jabs for my travels to Thailand etc. But next week gets much more exciting as I’m off for a new tattoo on Monday, having some jabs on Tuesday (not so fab) but then on Wednesday I’m off to work with Festaff at T in the Park! Having worked there last year I can safely say it’s a damn good time and I cannot wait to return to hear and see some great acts and have a fab time. Are any of you heading to T in the Park? Let me know!

As far as summer goes things are slowly getting more exciting. The transition from end of University – moving home – settling into my new part time job – to actually enjoying summer is almost complete and I’m really excited to get started on making some amazing summer memories.

What are you most looking forward to this summer? Are you off to T in the Park too?

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