Jo malone blue agava and cacao

“The rhythm of Latin music — sexy, edgy and persuasive. Fresh limes and zesty grapefruit dance over a heart of blue agava flower. Sea salt cuts through the primitive rawness of cacao to reveal the sensuality of vetiver, cinnamon and musk.” 

I treated myself to a Jo Malone cologne a few weeks ago and I opted for the Blue Agava & Cacao scent. Jo Malone fragrances are known for being quite distinct in their scent variety. All of the scents are quite complex in variety and smell different depending on each person who wears them. The fragrances are formed to be layered on top of one another as well, although it would work out ridiculously expensive if you decided to layer say three scents on top of one another as each 100ml bottle is priced at £82. I opted for the Blue Agava and Cacao out of a choice of three other fragrances but this one really stood out to me. The main smell from the fragrance is distinctly floral, but not in an “old womany” sort of way. It smells like amazing flower gardens. However on top of that is a slight citrusy smell (a note of lime). Mixed with that is a deep and very raw smell of chocolate (the cacao), which makes the whole scent smell very seductive and autumnal.

I just absolutely adore the presentation of the Jo Malone fragrances. I think the bottles of fragrance themselves are very simple and classy. Another thing I didn’t know about Jo Malone fragrances is that many of them are made to be unisex. After reading a few of the online reviews about the Blue Agava and Cacao it became clear that the scent is definitely not just a womanly fragrance. One review reads:

“I brought the blue agava for my partner and he loves it so much that I think he will wear it for our wedding next august.”

Although I definitely would not buy this scent for my boyfriend or partner I can see why this scent in particular is a unisex one. The deep cacao transforms the scent from what would be a very floral girly smell to something much deeper and muskier. There are still many more reviews from women saying they love the scent on themselves but what I’m trying to point out is that even though the main note in the fragrance is floral it definitely isn’t your typical floral scent which is what I absolutely love about it.

I’d definitely recommend this fragrance to lovers of distinctive, strong fragrances. Not strong as in overpowering but strong as in it doesn’t smell light and fresh (take Marc Jacob’s Daisy as an example). This is for lover’s of Chanel No.5 and Chloe’s signature fragrance. Girly, classy but strong.

For a long time I was put off of Jo Malone’s fragrances because of the price tag but nowadays we spend roughly around £60 on a bottle of perfume regardless of brand. So Jo Malone is only slightly more expensive than your usual perfume. Making the initial jump paying the £82 for a fragrance can seem like a big step but I would definitely repurchase this scent and I’m keen to try some more of Jo’s fragrances. If you feel as though you’d never spend such an amount on a fragrance but are keen to try Jo’s scents then I recommend opting for a  smaller 30ml spray which retails at £40. (If you opt for the smaller bottle you’re paying 40£ for 30ml / a larger bottle you pay £82 for 100ml the pricing of the smaller bottle you’d be paying £133.33 per 100ml so it definitely works out much cheaper per 100ml to opt for the bigger bottle if you do really like the scent but just don’t want to pay the initial £82)

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 photo bloglovin_zpsb03c922f.png