My Everyday Make-Up Routine

I love adding new products to my ever expanding collection of make-up and beauty potions and powders. However, there are a few items that I’ve tried and they really have just stayed with me. A lot of these items will be very familiar to beauty bloggers such as the Naked palette, however, I see a lot of bloggers searching for products such as blusher and mascara of which I’ve already found that are absolutely perfect for me. Of course, it’s always fun to change your routine from time to time but I think we all have those products in our make-up bags that we simply cannot survive without.

Chanel No.5 Perfume: It’s a classic but describing it is very very difficult. It smells very deep and musky. It’s about as far from Marc Jacob’s Daisy as you can get. It’s very long lasting and is signature in the sense that it doesn’t really smell like anything else. Chanel No. 5 is it’s own scent. I’ve been using it for several years now and it’s one that I always get bought for me at Christmas. Definitely worth a try, it’s a classic for a reason after all!

Effaclar Duo by La Roche Posay: This is a fairly new skin carte addition for me as I’ve been using it for around three months now (bearing in mind you’re supposed to trial skin care products for around six weeks as that’s how long it takes for the lower layer of skin to reach the top layer). The moisturiser-treatment is greta for people who have oily or blemish prone skin. It does a lot to keep your skin hydrated and matte and it also corrects any red pigmentation in your skin and fights away at facial scarring. It also smells like a beautiful rose garden.

Naked 3 palette: I love this palette because of how rosy and feminine it is. The colours are absolutely fantastic for very light skin as nothing is too strong that it would make every day wear unachievable. Of course, UD palettes are great for all skin tones so it’s worth investing no matter what.

Too Faced Naked Eye: Again, similar to Naked 3 I love this palette because I can use it everyday without making my look too heavy. The palette includes a little leaflet on how to achieve different looks for different occasions so it’s great for beginners in eye powder art.

MAC Studio Fix Plus Solid Foundation: Someone who loves coverage will never find a better foundation than this one. I must say that sometimes MAC foundations can weigh a little heavy on the skin sop during summer I opt for a water based solution (right now I’m using Chanel Aqua Lumiere which gives far less coverage but feels much better in the heat). This MAC foundation is great for nights out as it doesn’t budge and it very good at mattifying your skin.

NARS Blush in Super Orgasm: Definitely the perfect blush. I use a light sweep over my cheekbones to add some colour to my face during the day and at night time I opt for a few more layers. The golden sparkles are just enough to catch the light for a day time look but are great for adding drama come night time.

MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash: BUY IT BUT IT BUY IT. Fuck ‘They’re Real’ MAC knows where it’s at with mascara. Honestly the best mascara you will ever buy, it lengthens and thickens without creating that ‘spider leg’ effect. It does everything you’d want in a mascara plus lasts for absolutely ages.

TESCO Along Came Betty Br-wow!: Quite obviously a rip off of Benefit’s Browzings.. but TESCO have matched the high end brand here (may I mention this kit is only ยฃ1.50). You won’t ever need another kit for your brows, I promise.

NARS LolaLola: This neutral brown shade is lovely for everyday wear, it quite simply is just a great shadow to have separate from all your UD palettes etc.

MAC Nylon: I love using this in the corner of my eyes to open them up and brighten them. Nylon is a fab shade for adding shimmer to a look at night time as well.

What are your every day favourites?

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