Necessary Clothing

That feeling when you find an online clothing store you’ve never heard of before and it’s wonderful is truly an amazing feeling. I stumbled across Necessary Clothing  a couple of weeks ago and I’ve ordered from them three times already (this dress is one I bought for my upcoming holiday to Thailand!). The things I really love about NC is that their products are great quality, fashionable and also very very affordable. I’d compare them to NastyGal but with a Missguided price tag. Whilst I adore both NastyGal and Missguided I think NastyGal’s price tags are quite extortionate and sometimes misguided clothing is of bad quality and fit. But so far I’ve not been disappointed with anything I’ve bought from Necessary Clothing so I’d definitely recommend that you check them out!

I really love the lace pattern on top of this pink maxi dress as I think otherwise the dress would have been a bit too plain and simple for my taste. The back of the dress is also absolutely lovely and low cut meaning it will be perfect for my holiday in Thailand for catching a much needed breeze! The bottom skirt of the dress is actually very thick, it has a heavy under layer and then the lighter cotton material on the top. I definitely won’t be wearing this dress in the midday Asian heat but it will suit an evening meal occasion. Whislt I am excited about wearing the dress on holiday I think I’ll definitely be wearing it at home in England too because the skirt is so thick it won’t be too cold to wear out in Manchester or London!

(My mom made a comment about my Kim Kardashian ass)
All in all I’m really happy with the products I have received from Necessary clothing, their delivery time and their customer service (they offer a live chat so if you do have any problems or questions someone can get back to you right away). I can’t wait to blog about the other clothing I have bought from there!

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