After what seems like an absolute age of waiting and travelling I’m finally in Thailand and enjoying the first few days of my trip here.  So far I’m really liking it here, I spent a few days in Bangkok before travelling to Phuket and I’m going to be starting on a safari trip tomorrow which is something I’m looking forward to despite the obvious heat and humidity. I’ve actually never experienced humidity like this before! Not even in Vegas’s or Florida’s August heat.
My first day of Bangkok consisted of me getting a good idea of where everything is and exploring a few of the cultural highlights. One of my favourite locations was Wat Pho which is a really huge and extravagant Buddhist temple. It contains in it the massive statue of The Reclining Buddha, you really have to see it to appreciate just how massive it is! I tried to capture it all in one photo but couldn’t quite do it! Another location I visited on my first day was the Le Bua Sky Bar which is more famously known as the bar in The Hangover 2 where Mr Chow gets set up and eventually captured! the view from the bar is lovely and it kind of reminds me of Alchemist in its menu selection. However you will pay around £12 for a cocktail which is extortionate in comparison to the prices you will pay elsewhere in Bangkok.
My second day in Bangkok was definitely my favourite day so far as I visited a Buddhist tiger temple and was able to play and feed baby tiger cubs. it was an amazing experience and a bit surreal. The cubs were around ten months old and roughly the size of a Labrador puppy. They were surprisingly playful and had loads of energy but they had to have a lie down after having their milk which was so cute! In the afternoon I also got to visit a national park which specialises in Elephant care. I was able to ride the elephants and play with them in the water which was absolutely amazing. Elephants are such gentle and gorgeous creatures I loved learning a bit more about them and experiencing them in the open jungle was incredible!
On my third and final day in Bangkok I visited Tree Tops Asia which is the GoApe of Thailand. It was absolutely throwing it down with rain in the rainforest but it made the experience all the more interesting. I really enjoyed the trill of all the zip wires the highest of which was 82m!
Today I travelled to Phuket for a quick one night stop over. Luckily my room has its own small private pool giving me some time to relax and do nothing for once before my safari which begins tomorrow! I’m really excited to start my Safari but a bit scared of the amount of bug bites I’m going to get! (I already have absolutely loads). I’ll try and keep my adventures posted on Blogger but Blogger is so hard to post on from iPad and iPhone! I shudder to think how gross looking this post is but I’ll worry about it some other time!
If you want to view some more of my Thailand pictures head over to my Instagram (@abigailalicex)