Thirty days of lipstick dupes #1 MAC Snob

Everybody absolutely loves a bargain. No one likes spending more money on something than they need to… If you had to pay £8,000 for a car or £7,500 for the same one in the same condition of course you’d choose the less expensive one. So why is it when we come to buy make-up more often than not we stick to the brands that cost more? Are we make-up snobs? I think we are… there’s no doubt that when it comes to some products, for example foundation that we splurge a little because we don’t want our skin to dry out or break out. But when it comes to things like lipstick and lipgloss why are some people willing to spend £37/£25/even £15 (Tom Ford/Chanel/MAC) on a lipstick? I’m on a mission to find affordable replica’s of all my expensive lipsticks (mainly Chanel and MAC). I wanted to start off with one of my favourite pink shades which is MACs Snob, which so happens to be a VERY similar shade to Chanel’s Radieuse that I failed to notice when I bought them, oops. I managed to find a dupe of the colours with Rimmel’s Kate Moss 101 shade.

Top Left Kate Moss 101- Top Right Snob MAC

Bottom Left Radieuse Chanel Bottom Right Creme Cup MAC

As you can see both Snob (MAC) & Radieuse (Chanel) are very similar to the Rimmel Kate Moss 101 shade. I popped in Creme Cup for comparison because I feel if Creme Cup were slightly stronger and less shimmery then it would be very similar in shade also.

MAC’s Snob & Creme Cup come at £15.50 (here) & Chanel’s Radieuse comes in at £26 (here). However, Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss comes in at £5.49 (here). If you usually opt for a MAC lipstick that means you have saved £10.01. If you usually buy Chanel then you save an astonishing £20.51 by opting with the exact same colour but made by a high street brand. Although I would never argue with giving yourself a well deserved treat I often think beauty bloggers look down upon high street make up. Which is quite sad really because brands such as Rimmel and Max Factor have been around FAR FAR longer than NARS/MAC etc. (For example, did you know it was Mr Max Factor who invented mascara? He gave it as a gift to his sister). So quite obviously, high street make up brands are knowledgable about make up and their own products and they even pave the way into inventing more things for us to try. Is it because we don’t have make up artists hanging around the Rimmel sign like we do at MAC? Does expensive ALWAYS mean better? Of course not.

On my hand you can perhaps tell the slightest difference between the shades, however, when the lipstick is applied there is no difference whatsoever which really did surprise me. I hoped that I’d be wrong in creating this dupes post and that actually spending more means that I was getting more. Sadly I was wrong. The cheaper Rimmel shade felt exactly the same on my lips as the Chanel and MAC shades.

Anyway, so here it comes. The Thirty Days of Dupes, I’m not going to post for thirty consecutive posts solely about lipstick, however, I’ll try to fit at least two dupe posts in per month so if you’re keen to save some money by laying off the expensive shades then there will be an alternative. If you click the calendar above it will take you to the 30 days page where I’ll be posting individual links for each dupe.

If you have an expensive lipstick that you’d like me to find a dupe of then let me know in the comments below!

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  • I actually love this post! I love the way you write, so jealous I would love to have the writing skills you have. Your blog is definitely one of my favourites and is actually on my blog roll 🙂 I don't have MAC snob, but I agree, I think most of us are makeup snobs, theres something really nice about getting a MAC lipstick and I know I'm obsessed with them but there are lipsticks in the drugstore which are amazing and I always seem to ignore them for MAC!xxx
    Katherine Rosie | UK Beauty Blog

  • 30 day of dupes challange interesting
    i thnk kat moss and channel one are the perfect dupes

  • love the challenge!! also, i am head over heels for the rimmel kate moss lipsticks and already own way too many to use up, but this one is definitely on my list for my next naughty trip to the drugstore… x

    Natalie / Salt & Sail

  • That Kate Moss lipstick is such a similar shade to the high end lipsticks, it's like the perfect dupe! I really love the her range as well!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • I totally hear you – especially since lipsticks don't have the longest shelf life either. Really looking forward to seeing more of this series, as I could do with some more alternative options in place of high end brands

  • These all look amazing, I can't believe how similar they all look on your lips! I love the Kate Moss range!xx

  • i absolutely adore this post! will definitely be checking back for more days of dupes

    from helen at

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  • What a great idea to post about, I personally try really hard to resist buying high end makeup so now I know where to go to get some drugstore versions, thanks for the help!
    I just started my own fashion blog and to be quite honest I don't really know what I'm doing but I would love it if people wouldn't mind checking it out, it would mean the world, thanks!

  • Such a great idea, I always end up buying high end make up just because it seems to stay longer but cheaper options are always necessary! It would be great if you could do a dupe of Taupe by MAC as a suggestion?

    I'm a new blogger so feel free to have a look at: