30 Days of Dupes #2 MAC New York Apple

If you missed my first dupes post then allow me to fill you in. I’m on a mission to find cheaper alternatives to the most popular high end lipstick brands that my readers love. From MAC, NARS, Tom Ford, Chanel etc we can spend an absolute fortune on lipsticks and when it comes down to it the ingredients in the high end products are exactly the same as the high street products. All you’re paying for is the brand name and packaging… Which seems pretty silly and somewhat snobbish. I’m perhaps one of the worst for it because I’m constantly buying lipsticks (especially from MAC £15 and Chanel £25) but since I’m a student I feel a bit guilty spending a small fortune on a very small product. So I’m finding alternatives to my lippies which are much cheaper so that I won’t feel guilty wearing them every day. For example, I usually only wear my Chanel lipsticks for special occasions because they’re the most expensive from my collection but since make up does have an expiry date this probably isn’t the wisest of choices and so I’m finding the exact same Chanel colours for a lower price so I can wear the colours more often! So here goes… another dupe this time of MAC’s gorgeous New York Apple.

As you can tell from the photo swatches and of the photos of the lipstick applied it’s pretty obvious that Rimmel’s A Drop of Sherry and MACs New York Apple are the same shade. The only thing I would say is that MAC has a deeper red tone to it, meaning you need two coats of the Rimmel lipstick to get the exact same shade as the MAC. However, I definitely feel that it would be more cost efficient to opt for the Rimmel shade I am very much in love with New York Apple (I posted about it here for the first time) but it seems that Rimmel have nailed the exact colour for a fraction of MACs price. As far as the quality of the lipstick goes both feel exactly the same, I don’t feel as though I’m getting a higher quality product with MAC.

The MAC Lipstick comes in at £15.50, although I adore MAC Make-Up it’s my absolute favourite I must say £15.50 is so expensive for a lipstick. I often think beauty blogger’s are brainwashed into thinking that more expensive translates to better but it really doesn’t. Plus, we’ve became so used to high end prices that £15.50 doesn’t seem like much money. But when you think that a lot of people in the have to feed themselves on just £1 per day, it seems extortionate. The Rimmel Lipstick is only £4.99 which saves you £10.51, with which you could add two more lipsticks to your collection… or you could buy something else!
By no means am I swearing off high end make-up brands for life. But I am keen to find more make-up that is cheaper which I can wear on a daily basis rather than saving my make-up for special occasions because it was so expensive. 

If you click the calendar above it will take you to the ’30 dupes challenge’ page which is where I will be posting all my lipstick dupes. 
Do you have a favourite lipstick that you’d like me to find a dupe for? If so please let me know in the comments!

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