Jeffrey Campbell: Shoe God

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There really is nothing better than going to a cashier knowing that you have enough money to buy whatever item you want from the store. It’s such a good feeling for me because it never fucking happens. So when I went to Thailand for a month I majorly over compensated for how much I would spend out there. Which is great, really. I worked the whole summer in a shit job only to find at the end of it I had more money than I needed (yaaaaay!). I’ve always been a massive fan of Jeffrey Campbell shoes which started with a pair of spiked black Lita’s when I was 16. Now I own four gorgeous pairs of shoes from him and I’m always looking at his gorgeous designs. The thing I love about his shoes is how unique they are. They are the kind of shoes that inspire a host of high street and online knock offs which never quite match up to the magic of JC’s actual designs and his quality.

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Definitely the most bad ass of my JC collection is the JC Abner. I’ve had my eyes on these for about a year but could never justify spending roughly £120 on them because, to put it simply, I needed the money for other things. I was so happy when I stumbled across a shoe store in a mall in Bangkok that had these in stock, plus they were giving 20% off on that day which made it all the more worthwhile. If I am honest I haven’t wore these yet. I stand at 5″10 anyway so I’m waiting on a special occasion where I can crack these out. Maybe a runway?

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To be honest I have no idea what JC has named these beautiful black boots. All I know is that they’re definitely not a shoe to blend into the background whilst still acting as a show I can wear daily. The cut out, perspex heel and metallic toe cover is just enough to make the boot stand out without making it look too busy. They look fab when paired with jeans or a skirt so the cut out becomes more noticeable.

What do you think of Jeffrey Campbell’s shoes? Are you on board?

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