Real Techniques Brushes

I purchased Real Techniques brushes from Look Fantastic a few months ago and I cannot believe how long it has taken me to write this post because these brushes are utter perfection! These brushes and the blender are your basic tools for applying simply day-to-day make up. There is nothing particularly fancy about them except their fantastic quality.The Core Face Collection contains four make-up brushes (R-L): Powder brush, blush/bronzer/contour brush, foundation brush, detailed concealer brush. All of these brushes are key to achieving perfect base coverage. The brushes are really high quality, the bristles are soft and smooth yet very durable which is precisely what you want in these products. I also love the orange/black design of the brushes. I don’t particularly like orange per se but it looks so good! The kit also comes with a little carried which transforms into a stand…y’know if you’re into that kind of thing.

The most important purchase was definitely the beauty blender which is the small oddly shaped orange sponge. I’d seen reviews about these before but never believed the hype. How can a sponge make such a drastic difference to a make-up routine? I thought. A couple of months later and i thought I’d lost my dumb ass sponge and nearly cried. It is a god send for foundation application. I used to apply foundation with my fingers because I felt it achieved a more even coverage than brushes and was just miles easier. The foundation sponge it one better. It creates a flawless base for your make-up to sit on. It makes your foundation completely even and takes about two minutes to blend all over the face and neck. It’s just so damn easy.

I’d recommend washing your brushes once weekly using luke warm water and Johnson’s baby shampoo then leaving them to air dry. With the beauty blender sponge I suggest popping it into a bowl of water and microwaving it for 40-60seconds to kill any bacteria. Then wash it with baby shampoo too. The sponge is a bit more stubborn to clean so I would persevere and then replace the sponge once every six weeks. 

I cannot recommend these brushes enough. Have you guys heard positive reviews about RT? Have you got any of the brushes yourselves?

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 photo bloglovin_zpsb03c922f.png