Beach Peach & Hair Burst Review

Hello everyone! Bad news… I have my first EVER negative review! Usually I don’t post about things I’m not happy with but I spent a lot of money on these products and I was severely disappointed with them both so I figured I’d warn everyone about these products. So ‘vitamin’ products have been really popular of late along with things such as teatoxes. I’ve always been skeptical about both of these crazes (and for good reason) but I figured I’d try them both before I made a concrete judgment so I purchased a one month supplement of HairBurst and BeachPeach.

HairBurst promises to start your journey to “healthier, longer, stronger hair” after trying hairburst for a month I can confirm that it made no difference to my hair whatsoever. I benefitted much more from washing my hair with conditioner for a month and using argran and moroccan oil sparingly on it. By a month Hairburst claims that hair is starting to be stronger and grow faster but I noticed no difference in growth or strength. Maybe you have to trail it for 6 months of so before anything spectacular happens. But then again hair is bound to grow and become healthier over 6 months, so whether HairBurst creates that or if nature simply does is up to you to decide for yourself!

BeachPeach claims to “tone and firm your body”… c’mon. Really? There is one thing that tones your body, that’s exercising more and eating healthily. I work out daily and I take pride in eating healthily aka I’m the perfect candidate to trail Beach Peach and see if it does make any difference. But it didn’t, at all. Increasing my exercise and making more strict decisions with diet toned and firmed my body. Not a vitamin pill. Again, who knows if a longer trail would’ve made more of a difference? But then again if you train everyday for 6 months you’re bound to be more toned than you are now… and that shouldn’t be down to a pill but down to your hard work and dedication.

All in all I was exceptionally dissatisfied with these products and would highly recommend that you avoid them. If you want longer hair then be patient. Nature takes its time. Treat your hair well, avoid using excessive heat and treat it to a deep conditioner on a weekly basis. Take vitamins you’re supposed to take daily, the ones that cost about Β£3 instead of Β£21. Be skeptical about these things that claim to work miracles for you, because usually they don’t do what they promise on the tin. The same goes for toning and weight loss. It takes time, dedication and exceptional will power. Don’t be mad at yourself for not making progress fast, it isn’t natural for you to hit the gym once and get a six pack! Treat yourself and your body well and the results will show. Not only in your appearance but in your well being all around.

What do you think of my review? Have you had success with these products?

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