Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour

One of the happiest places on Earth… It must be! If you haven’t already read my previous post here is a quick update; I’m holidaying in Stowe, Vermont and Boston, Massachusetts for Christmas break! I love travelling because there are so many things I can do that aren’t around back home in London/Manchester. One of the main things Vermont is famous for is the founding of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream! I had the opportunity to look around the original Ben & Jerry’s factory.

The factory was full of quirky little gifts and memorabilia which I picked up for a few of my friends (and myself- I got a shirt that says ‘I love to spoon’ with a spoon printed on it, duh). The tour lasted roughly 30 minutes and we got a free sample of Ice Cream at the end of it, Strawberry Cheesecake, yum. The tour walked us through the process of making the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and gave us some background information on how the company was formed. Did you know that Ben and Jerry paid only $5 for a course on Ice Cream making at a local college? And now the company is worth tens of thousands more than their course investment!

What I loved learning at the tour was all about Ben and Jerry’s eco friendly policies and their social responsibility. They support fair trade farming, fair wages, labelling of their food (GMO’s etc). They also host a free cone day each year to give thanks to all of their customers. ALSO there is a section of the factory called the ‘Flavour Graveyard’ where discontinued flavours have their own individual headstone! Some of them, for example; Wavy Gravy, sound like absolutely terrible ideas!


Have you guys got up to anything interesting recently? I’d love to know what you’ve been doing over Christmas break!
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