I love you coco

When the packaging of something is so amazing you never want to unwrap it… Is basically how I felt when I got this on Christmas morning! Chanel Beauty products are so amazing that a little tear came to my eye when I opened my box and saw all of these treats inside it!

Sublimage Comfort Cleanser – Perfect for all skin types. This cleanser removes all traces of make up including waterproof eyeliner and mascara. It also contains really amazing oils which make the skin feel nourished and hydrated without making it oily. It’s really strange feeling how soft my skin feels after using this. It also comes with a little cotton cloth inside for cleaning away the product. Just goes to show that you get what you pay for- this is definitely worth it!

Chanel No. 5 – Does not warrant a description. Marilyn Monroe swore by it. It is legend.

Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation – I used to wear MAC foundation because I thought that I couldn’t get coverage with a lightweight foundation. So I always opted for something heavier. But for the past 6 months I’ve been using this water based formula from Chanel and applying it with a beauty blender and its done wonders for my skin. The coverage on it is great and is easily build able but never feely heavy or cakey. Moreover, it has SPF 30 which protects my skin from the sun. Remember that even if you live in shitty England you still need SPF!

No. 5 Body Cream – like the perfume, but body butter form. Like a 15 year old girl.. I just can’t even.

Sublimage Eye Cream – Hydrates the eye area, supposedly gets rid of wrinkles but I haven’t been using it long enough to put that to the test and completely fucks over dark circles. Booyah. Hello to my new best friend.

Chanel Lipstick in Secret & Lip Liner in Beige Satin – I didn’t own any Chanel lipsticks until summer 2014 and now I own four. Which is a lot considering they cost a bomb. But basically they are the bomb. They are fab. They’re nourishing, well pigmented and they last for a decent amount of time. I won’t say forever, because I drink way too much for lipstick to stay on too long. I definitely recommend you save your next MAC Lipstick purchase and opt for a Chanel one.

My favourite item in this box was the one which cost absolutely nothing. It’s the little perfume box that opens up to show a reindeer kissing No. 5. Chanel popped it in the box with their compliments and it’s staying on my shelf unused because it’s just so bloody adorable. I know that Chanel, even their beauty range, is expensive but little things like that make me glad that I save up and shop with such a well respected high fashion and beauty brand. It also makes me glad that Santa knows I love Chanel. Isn’t Santa amazing?

What were your favourites from Christmas 2014? Are there any products here that you’d consider buying? I’d love to know!

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