Kylie Jenner’s Sponsors Nip & Fab Skincare

Hey guys! So I wanted to talk about a skin care range that I purchased from very recently but who I’m already really impressed with. The range is called Nip and Fab and I originally heard of it because Kylie Jenner is a sponsor of it and I follow her on Instagram and happened to notice it. I was really impressed with their website and the information about their products etc so when I went into Boots on the weekend I stopped by the Nip + Fab range and checked out what they had to offer!

Nip & Fab Frown Fix – This is the product I was so impressed with because it delivers precisely what it says. The cream is applied like a pen and you twist the bottom to release more product. When you sweep the cream over any fine lines it fills them in within minutes which is incredibly impressive!

Viper Venom Eye Roll On – This is very similar to the Garnier product which I think was one of the first brands to sell an eye roll on. It brightens the under eyes and works to fight dark circles. It really refreshes the under eye area.

Viper Venom Wrinkle Fix Serum – This serum works in a similar way to Frown Fix but is applied all over the face. It helps to smooth over the skin and create a powerless finish.

Dragon’s Blood Fix Plumping Serum – This is a super hydrating serum that it worn under the moisturiser. It works to plump up the skin by intensely hydrating it. It’s a fabulous serum and even though I have really oily skin it doesn’t make my skin greasy but leaves it soft and lovely!

All in all I’d highly recommend this brand. All of the products came to around ยฃ20 at Boots which is very impressive on a brand that delivers precisely what it says! I’d highly recommend checking out the other products in the range which is what I’m going to look at!

Tomorrow I’m off to the beautiful city of New York. So my next post will be all about my travels! Don’t forget to follow for an NYC post and follow me on Instagram & Twitter for NYC updates! I love you all xo

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