New York, I Love You

Hello everyone! I’ve had the most fabulous ten days in New York with a group of friends form my University. A few weeks ago I applied to do a Model United Nations Conference in New York basically NMUN is a simulation of the UN’s work. Your university or school is assigned a country and you and a partner are placed in committee’s and its your responsibility to learn about your countries foreign policy enough to be able to engage in debate about it with other representatives from other countries in a diplomatic style. It’s a huge learning process and is exceptionally rewarding. I was representing UN Women on behalf of the Russian Federation. I made so many friends on the trip from my own University and from other Universities whilst I was there too. We did so well in the competition that we managed to win an award for Distinguished Delegation because of our efforts. If you haven’t heard of MUN before and are interested i highly suggest taking part in School or at University because its a fantastic way of getting comfortable with public speaking which can help in so many aspects of life such as work/university presentations, job interviews etc.
I had more than enough time to get some sightseeing done whilst I was in New York too which was great! My favourite place for sightseeing was the Brooklyn Bridge I think is absolutely stunning and you can see so much of the NY skyline from it and I could even spot the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island because the view was so clear. My favourite places for shopping were Herald Square and SoHo. Herald Square has this huge Victoria’s Secret which I took advantage of and SoHo is full of cute independent stores along with stores such as Brandy Melville.
All in all I had a fabulous time!
On a quick end note I’m pleased to announce the winner of my MAC Cinderella Lipstick Giveaway which is Emily Hildson @hiyaimemily so many congratulations are in order! It won’t be long before I find another great product to do a giveaway with so please keep your eyes peeled! Thanks to everyone who entered!
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