The Ultimate Foundation Post & Video!

Hey Guys! So choosing a foundation is often a really difficult and arduous process because there are so many out there that all claim to do so many things that others don’t. There are also some that work a hell of a lot better depending on what type of skin you have. Just to let you guys know my skin is oily/combination and sometimes I can get breakouts when I’m stressed. I often get oily around the T-Zone but other than that I have normal and sometimes dry skin. It all depends on the weather (because I do snow sports often it can dry out in winter months etc). So these foundations are tested on my skin type so obviously if you have my skin type this video is going to be more helpful to you. However! I’ve also talked a lot about coverage, how the formula feels and how long it lasts during the day. So this is still going to be useful to you even if you don’t have my type of skin!

I’ve compared (I think) 15 foundations. Which is absolutely loads! I’ve named and shamed my favourites and least favourites. I hope that this gives you some ideas for your next foundation buy! Let me know what you think of the items I talk about!

 photo bloglovin_zpsb03c922f.png  photo bloglovin_zpsb03c922f.png