A weekend in Amsterdam!

Hey everyone! I spent the weekend in Amsterdam with one of my best friends with was really good fun. We managed to get a lot done in three days. The Dutch people were really friendly and almost everyone spoke brilliant issues so there was absolutely no issues there. Also getting around in the city was really easy due to the tram’s that they have (and it’s really cheap if you buy a 3 day pass). It’s also worth mentioning that we only paid £170 for flight + hotel for three days over at Low Cost Holidays so they’re definitely worth looking at if you’re interested in a short city break.

My Top Locations when visiting Amsterdam!
1. Rijksmuseum
I’d suggest heading there even if you don’t like art museums because the architecture is beautiful, there’s lovely gardens surrounding the area (also a giant chessboard like the one in Harry Potter) and there are amazing classical musicians hanging around outside playing some amazing music. Inside the museum you’ll find Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Vermeer etc. There are some amazing works of art in there and I’m so glad I visited. Entry is €17 which I thought was reasonable. One thing I did notice (unlike London and Paris) is that there are not many free museums, nor any that offer student discount which is pretty terrible.
2. Van Gogh Museum
If you like the artist then this will be an absolute dream. It has hundreds of his works inside plus other works from his friends and modern artists paying tribute to the great poet. Not only were the artworks beautiful the museum was really informative (VG painted a beautiful landscape of a garden on a tea towel because he didn’t have access to a canvas). Again the price was €17 and no student discount 🙁
3. The Bulldog Palace
Totally not a palace but one of the best bars/coffee shops in Amsterdam. If it’s good enough for Snoop Dogg it’s good enough for me. The food was really cheap and really yummy (my friend and I shared a huge platter of Nacho’s for a mere €5!)
4. Leidsestraat
This street is very long and absolutely great for high street shopping and sweet snacks. It had a Brandy Melville, H&M, Hugo Boss, Magnum store & Ben & Jerry’s. It was not too crowded and the street was really nice and clean (not like Oxford St shopping! I’d definitely recommend heading there as a lot of shops & café’s in Amsterdam
5. Melkweg
For a big night out go here! It’s €10 entry (I don’t know if it’s the same on every night but some rapper was performing to the end of the evening whilst we were there). The club is massive and full of men (for once the number of men beat the girls in the club – made a nice change!) Plus some of the guys in there were so amazing at dancing it was worth going just to watch them. The drinks were not cheap there but then again they never are in a big club! I paid on average €7 for a spirit mixed with soft drink but if you like beer then you’re in for a treat cos it only cost my friend  €2.70! The music and general vibe of the place was really good and upbeat. There were two rooms of music + an art gallery for some reason and about 5 bars so you never waited long for a drink at all. All in all it was a top night (but plan how you get back to the hotel! My friend thought that trams stopped at 4am but instead it was half midnight so since we left the club at half 3 we had to walk) damn.
So it was a great trip and even better since we only paid £170 for three nights and four days! If you go to Amsterdam I really hope you enjoy your trip <3


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  • It sounds like you had an amazing time in Amsterdam, I really really want to visit myself. I bet the Van Gogh museum was really cool to look around and see all his work.

    Kristy | thevioletblonde.com

  • Sounds amazing! Who did you fly with/ where did you stay? Sorry for all the questions, I'm planning on going myself! x

    • I flew with KLM and stayed at a Hotel called West Side Inn – we booked through LowCostHolidays x

  • Fantastic post dear! Hope you have a lovely day.

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  • I'd love to go there some day, looks lovely! x http://coffeeatmidnight13.blogspot.co.uk/

  • I need to visit, i feel like i'm the only person that hasn't been 🙂
    lovely blog hun x


  • beautiful photography! Reading through your post has made me miss Amsterdam and I can't wait until I'm back there again!

    Anita <3