Designer Dupes

I love designer brands but with the student life I cannot afford to splurge every season on multiple amazing pieces. So, being sneaky, I dig out some of my favourite classic items from the depths of Ebay. I hope you guys enjoy the pieces I found <3

Best Handbag Dupes

1) Mulberry bag
2) Valentino bag
3) Alexander Wang bag
4) Celine bag

Best Jewellery Dupes!

1) Cartier Love Lock Bracelet
2) Cartier Nail Bracelet
3) Tiffany Bow Earrings
4) Chanel “C” Earrings
5) Versace Lion Earrings

While I have a few designer items a lot of the time they’re far too expensive for student life. I own a few bag and accessory dupes and figured I’d show you guys where you can get some similar for a really low price. The dupes that I’ve previously bought have lasted me a really long time, especially the jewellery (because I pack my Uni books in the bags they often only last around 6-10 months cos they’re so heavy!)

What do you guys think of the dupes? Obviously not as good as the original, but good enough for my budget!

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