Dirty Looks Ombré Hair Extension Review

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share with you my honest review of some hair extensions I bought from a website called Dirty Looks. I bought a full head, quadruple wefted set of Ombre hair extensions. Their website looks very professional and all their photos and range of hair to choose from is really great. However, I was really disappointed with them once I’ve given them a whirl.

However, I was really really disappointed with the end result and how the extensions looked. They looked so cheap and tacky that I’ve resolved never to wear them again which is a waste of £120 as Dirty Looks doesn’t let you return your hair extensions once you’ve tried more than one piece of hair on. And although they give you one weft to try you can’t exactly gage how the hair extensions will look just from one tiny weft. So yeah, that’s very illogical.
Ombre hair extensions are a difficult one because unless your hair matches the ombre precisely then you’re going to have to do some bleaching in order to match your own hair. No matter how much I tried I couldn’t get my hair to match. In the end I decided to dye the extensions despite the fact that Dirty Looks advises not to – it was either I dye them and maybe wear them. Or just toss them in the trash. But even now they match they still look horrendous and are now stuffed under my dresser never to see the light of day again.
The hair on the weft is decent quality. However, I’ve bought hair extensions from Ebay and had the same quality for a 10th of the price. Moreover, the hair fell out of the weft so easily that I think the hair extensions wouldn’t last too long before they were too thin to wear. As I mentioned before the hair extensions are quadruple wefted so 4x as thick as a single one. Yet, the hair still wasn’t thick enough for me (as you can see from the video you can still clearly see my natural hair despite the fact I styled and blended the extensions in).
So yeah. Don’t buy Ombre hair extensions & avoid Dirty Looks!
I hope this was a helpful review for you guys. As always, I have posted my honest opinion.

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