70s Throwback with Reclaimed Vintage

jumpsuit, asos, reclaimed vintage, floral, 70s
Okay, so I fucking love jumpsuits. I’d never ventured near them before for fear of them looking absolutely horrendous. But when I was feeling rather brave during an ASOS search I found this lovely jumpsuit from Reclaim Vintage. I loved the off the shoulder detail and the white on black floral pattern. Lo and behold I think I rather suit them!

70s, vintage, jumpsuit, fashion
asos, reclaimed vintage, vintage, 70s, jumpsuit, fashion, blogger,
What do you guys think of jumpsuits? I was quite afraid that my body shape wouldn’t suit them but I think because I’m 5″10 they kind of work? I can’t wait to add to my collection as I feel they’re perfect for festivals, summer and holidays.
In keeping with the jumpsuit 70s vibe I decided to pair my outfit with some platform mules from Jeffery Campbell. The only issue with these is is that because they are open back and very chunky they can slip off your feet. If you buy shoes similar to this I’d recommend getting some gel things for the heels which will avoid slippage.
As a bit of a life update I found out today that I received my grades to do my year abroad at UCLA. Providing everything goes smoothly with my VISA application I’ll be moving to Los Angeles in September. I simply can’t believe it! If you have any moving country advice for me I’d love to hear it as I’ve never lived in a foreign country before!

What do you guys think of the Reclaimed Vintage jumpsuit? Are you excited to see posts from L.A?

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