How To: Dark Brown to Beach Blonde Hair in One Day

Hey everyone! So, surprise surprise. The blonde hair is back! It’s been a while and I’ve kind of missed it I’m not going to lie. After doing my hair a few years ago I knew how to get it back to the light beach blonde shade you see before you. I’ve added a YouTube tutorial on how to get this look from brown/black hair (mine was a very very dark brown) I hope the tutorial is easy to follow but I’m going to guide you through the steps now and give a bit more detail on the process.

1). Mixing the bleach. I use Jerome Russell Bblonde bleach powder with the 40% peroxide bleach cream. This lifts hair up to 9 shades so it really is great for dark hair. Your box comes with 4 sachets of powder and you can buy the bleach separately. I used about 5 bleach tubs on my very short but very thick hair. So always buy extra, if you don’t use it the first time then you can use it on your roots when you need to bleach them.

2) Section your hair and using a brush or your hands (with protective gloves) work the blue coloured bleach through your hair until each section is completely wet with the creamy formula. Massage it into your scalp. This may sting a little but it avoids you missing any of your roots!

3) Wrap your hair in a plastic shower cap, failing that use a plastic bag. If the bleach dries out then it will stop working. Allow the bleach to develop. For dark hair it can take anywhere between 60-90 minutes but I prefer to keep the bleach on for 45 as I feel it’s enough. You can blast your hair with a hairdryer to speed up the process.

4) Check what colour your hair is every 15 minutes. Wash it off when you see a blonde colour or when the colour has not changed for 10 minutes. If your hair is still too dark then wait until it has dried and repeat the bleaching process. If you are worried about causing excess damage to your hair then wait two weeks before the second bleaching process.

5) Once your hair is blonde you can go ahead and use a toner to remove the brassy/yellow shades. I recommend using Jerome Russell Bblonde toner. I used one from Bleach London and Directions and neither of them worked but Russell’s was a dream. Leave your hair to dry after using the toner.

6) Leave Bleach London’s Reincarnation Mask in your hair overnight and wash out in the morning using a toning shampoo and conditioner. I would recommend Bleach London’s Silver Shampoo and Silver Conditioner. OR Fudge’s Blonde Violet Toner. This will help keep the brassy tone’s at bay and maintain the effects of the toner. Bear in mind the JR toner is not permanent and you will need to tone your hair every 2/3 weeks depending on how much you wash it.

Tips & Tricks!
  • Use conditioner on your hair and avoid using shampoo in the weeks following your bleaching
  • Don’t brush your hair. If you have to use a tangle teaser and brush it very slowly otherwise the hair will break
  • Invest in an amazing deep conditioner like Bleach London’s Reincarnation Mask. Use it every other day, especially on the ends
  • Invest in an Organix Keratin or Argan oil spray and use generously on your hair
  • Pop your favourite toner into a bottle of your fav conditioner and use overtime you wash your hair. Failing that invest in one that is already made for you!
  • DO NOT brush your hair when wet
  • DO NOT use heat on your hair for a few weeks
  • DO NOT pull of put strain on your hair – it will break!
  • Use hair bobbles that have no metal part to avoid hair snapping
I hope you all enjoyed my video & tips when bleaching your hair. What do you think of the transition? I’d love to know!

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