Urban Outfitters Wishlist x Fashion Beans

Around a week ago I made a post on certain things I dislike about online shopping such as shipping costs, delivery time and the hassle of returns. I may have found a website that solves some of my dilemmas and which would make online shopping easier for me. I don’t know if I’m the only person on earth who hasn’t shopped via Fashionbeans. Probably because for all intents and purposes it seems to be an online clothing store for men. Then I discovered a sneaky little voucher section that offers discounts at online store giants such as River Island, Misguided, Urban Outfitters & ASOS no matter what section you shop ion. The majority of the vouchers also counter act all the things I don’t like about online shopping. Hello to free next day delivery!

So a big shoutout to all my fellow students out there. Online shopping has been made easier thanks to discounts. But for those who are recently graduated isn’t it a bit unfair you lose your 10% off discount? I don’t want to say goodbye to it in another two years. Maybe I’ll be a student forever? Or maybe I’ll comb through the net finding more sites like fashion beans that offer the public a small present. I’ve had to restrain myself from online shopping because I’m saving for a trip to L.A but that does not stop me from coveting or wish listing.

Urban Outfitters x Fashion Beans

Is there anything on this wishlist you are loving? I want it all <3
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