A Life Update Through Instagram Photos

Hey guys! If you ever see me on my phone then I’m most likely on Instagram. I’m obsessed. But I don’t think I’ve ever posted an Instagram update on my blog despite the fact I see bloggers doing it quite frequently. So I hope you enjoy my little life update through my Instagram lens.

From L to R: 1. The sunrise on the second to last day in Cancun, around 6:45am 2. Too Faced goodies which features on a guest post I did click here 3. Sometimes I dress up on holidays, red skater dress is from Misguided, otherwise I live in bikini’s 4. On a ‘Mexican Swing’ I had no idea what was going to happen when they told me to sit on the rope. It was awesome. Best surprise ever! 5. Showing off my tan and my Triangl bikini which was graciously sent to me <3 6. The beach view which was just behind the infinity pools in our hotel 7. Snorkelling. 8. Playing and training with a dolphin at Xcaret – fun fact she is four months pregnant here and so adorable 9. On the beach before popping newly hatched turtles into the ocean – truly a magical moment.