August Favourites Video | Make-up, Skincare & Books!

Hello everybody! Here if my favourites video from the month of August. I’ve included a range of different items of skin care, make-up and even my favourite books of the month for you guys to enjoy. So, here goes. In my skincare favourites is the Garnier Micellar Water which lots of bloggers have been raving about. To be honest, I didn’t believe the hype to begin with but it’s well deserved. It gets rid of make-up so fast and is so gentle on your skin. The Clinique moisturiser I mentioned it so good for dry skin and at the start of the month I was experiencing a lil patch of dryness and it sorted it out so fast. The Nip + Fab serum has greatly diminished the appearance of dark circles underneath my eyes which is a massive plus. In my subscription box was this gorgeous aftersun that smells like sorbet it’s so cooling and moisturising. It’s an absolute gem. Also, VS Pink’s warm & cozy body mist is sent from God. Go get it!

In terms of make-up I’ve really been enjoying using Dior’s Airflash Spray Foundation it takes all of the effort out of applying make-up and I can get a good base in five seconds of spraying. It’s very lightweight so has been perfecto for summer. My fav highlighter ever is the MAC Mineralise Skinfinish in Lightscapade it gathers so nicely and looks amazing. I use it with my favourite highlighting brush which is the Sephora #79. Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara has been my favourite for a while but because I haven’t created an individual post on it or spoken about it thoroughly I decided to mention it here. Also, my fav MAC Lip Pencils deserve a special mention. I actually gave new versions of them away last month so I hope the winner likes and is using them! Manny MUA’s liquid to matte lipstick in ‘Serenity’ deserves a special mention because I love his videos and I’m so happy that he has a product out. I hope there’s many more to come!

The books I recommended I spoke about a few weeks ago (or one of them – I’ve now read the sequel) Freakonomics and Superfreakonomics have stood out as two really gripping non-fiction books which discuss theories and how to world works. Google them. Buy them. Devour them. To read is to love them.

I hope you enjoyed the video! Let me know what is your favourite item and please let me know if I did a ‘derp’ face in the vid!