His x Hers with Matalan

Hello everyone! Last week Matalan got in touch with me to style two outfits choosing items from their website for a His & Hers post. I managed (if rather reluctantly) to get my little, albeit 6ft, brother involved! he was willing to have his photo taken for the sake of clothes so that is definitely something we have in common…

 (we love each other really)

For myself I chose a gorgeous sky blue dress from Catalan’s collaboration with Abbey Clancey. I love the cut on this dress and think it’s really flattering especially for anyone who has a bit of a waist. The material cinches in and then pops out again into an A-Line skirt type of deal at the bottom which is so flattering if you have wide hips like me. I think that Military style is always going to be in and out of fashion so this is a dress that I can keep and treasure for when Vogue tells me Military Is In! The gold buttons add a really nice little detail that is not too outstanding. The flip flops from Matalan also have a similar gold button theme and I cant wait to style these when I’m on holiday. Because the dress is such a delicate light blue colour I thought that white shoes would work much better with the outfit than a harsher black. These loafers are absolutely perfect for complimenting soft, summer outfits. They also fit like an absolute glove which is a massive positive.

I chose Rosses outfit for him because whenever we go shopping together he is always asking my approval for everything he buys and if I tell him to get something he will. I love picking out clothes for him. I know that (for boys especially) comfort is better than style. But that does not mean that comfort cannot be stylish. I picked out this very simple, soft great T-Shirt with roll up sleeves because it is such an incredibly versatile item. I also think that grey is a really attractive colour for men and anyone can pull it off. Ross is a massive fan of chino’s because they are so incredibly comfy and much softer on the skin than jeans so I picked out the brushed cotton chino in a dark navy colour. These are both a comfortable and versatile item that can be worn all throughout the year. Ross, being my little bro, is still in school so we decided to get him a backpack that would be big enough for all his school supplies for when he starts 6th Form in September. The rucksack is study, big and rests nicely which is all you could wish for!

I’d like to personally thank Matalan and Ellyn for getting me involved in this His and Hers campaign. I had a great time shooting with my brother which is something I’ve never done before and the clothes are magnificent.

GUYS I also would LOVE to do a Q & A video if you have any questions please leave them down below! I’ll be choosing the best questions <3