My First Week in Cancun, Mexico

Hey guys! So I’m spending two weeks in the lovely Cancun, Mexico and I thought I’d share some photos from my trip!

The hotel lobby and the view from is it by far one of the most impressive hotel lobby’s I’ve ever seen! It’s an ideal living room!
I absolutely love the interior design of our hotel room. It’s so bright and I adore the open floor plan of the bathroom. The shower is in a separate room and it’s one of those wet room deals (with three ceiling shower heads – amazing)

I’m staying at a beautiful hotel called The Royalton Riviera which is just a few miles outside the city centre of Cancun. The Royalton is an absolutely huge resort with 11 pools and 9 different restaurants. Not to mention it also has a casino, night club, several bars and a coffee shop.

As far as activities goes yesterday we took a catamaran tour that ended up with us snorkelling, kind of parasailing, holding a shark and shopping. It was great fun and well worth spending the day out of the resort. I’ve been doing yoga and beach volleyball everyday which (I feel) warrants me the opportunity of eating my weight in the all-inclusive food that’s on offer. Plus, the food is absolutely delicious.

I’m really enjoying my time here so far. But this week is the week that’s full of day trips and shopping so it’s going to be a lot busier than the week I’ve just had. I’m so excited to see more of the surrounding area and do some really cool activities. Hopefully I’ll get some photos of these trips that I can share with you guys!

I’ve met some really nice people during my stay too which is always really nice!
What do you guys think of the photos? Cancun is beautiful, right!?