Places you NEED to see in your 20’s

The most important thing in my life aside, of course, from friends and family is travel. I absolutely fucking love travelling. It’s by far my favourite thing to do. I thought I’d share with you some destinations I’ve visited that I think are amazing and definitely places you guys should add to your travel bucket list. I’m also going to be incorporating my travel bucket list these are places I really want to travel to whilst I’m in my twenties and (hopefully) not too tied down by a job/boyfriend/dare I say… kids!?


1) Canada

(photo is of Banff National Park) – After watching Ben Brown’s breath taking video on Canada (click here) I’ve been incredibly inspired to visit Canada. I’m one of those people that relishes every landscape. I’m not a beach person, or mountain person, or city person I literally love and could live in them all. Cana is full of these amazing national parks and forests and lakes that look like something someone animated they’re so perfect. I’d love exploring these parks by hiking, camping and canoeing. I’ve been close to Canada (as in Vermont) which I’ve heard is similar. I’d love to ski or board here – it looks ideal for it.


2) India – Rickshaw Run

I’ve wanted to do the Rickshaw Run for two years now. I watched JacksGap videos on the run this year and I actually cried whilst watching them because they were literally so beautiful and it made me feel such longing to travel yet I was stuck at University (You can watch the 4 part series of the Rickshaw Run by Jacks Gap by clicking here)ย The Rickshaw Run is basically a 3 week adventure where you drive the width of India in a took tuk. Luckily I’ve got a few friends crazy enough who want to do this with me (8 of us) and we are hoping to do this next summer. It’ll be an adventure of a lifetime and I can’t wait!


3) Amsterdam

I went here with one of my close friends in June and we had a great time. A weekend is enough to get to know the city. The architecture in the city is beautiful and one thing I noticed is how amazingly clean it was in comparison British cities. The canals are beautiful and the amount of bikes are astounding! Another reason to visit is obviously marijuana is legal there. I’m up for anything at least once!


4) Paris

Another one I’ve visited with a close friend (and my mom on a separate occasion) Paris is a stunning city. As much as people say it’s a city of romance I definitely would prefer to visit with one of my best girlfriends than a boyfriend. Although we are plagued with images of couples kissing at the Eiffel Tower at night during the day it’s a stylish city made for shopping and macarons and coffee sat outside watching the Parisian men walk by. Its nightlife around Moulin Rogue was one of the best nights of my life – completely unforgettable.


5) Brazil – Rio de Janeiro

I desperately want to visit Brazil as I think the culture there would be absolutely fantastic. Plus the food! I’ve always wanted to see Christ the Redeemer too as I think it’s such an impressive wonder and very unlike anything else that’s been built. I would absolutely love to see a carnival too I think they look ace – and no, it’s not just because Rihanna wore the carnival look!


6) South Africa

I am obsessed with water sports. I’ve done it all and everyone knows the best places for surf are Los Angles (I’m moving there next month!) and South Africa. When I was in Thailand last year I met a South African who could not describe how amazing the surf is there. The beaches look amazing. I’ve never been to Africa and I hope to explore the continent at some point. I would love to volunteer over there – I have a few friends who did in Rwanda and they had a great time.


7) St. Petersburg, Russia

I’ve been obsessed with Russia for a while. It probably started when I was a child and I fell in love with the film ‘Anastasia’. I love Russian literature as well – some of the best works ever written have come out of Russia. I’d also love to visit Moscow but feel like there are more architectural wonders in St. Petersburg but I’d love to make a trip out of both of the cities. After studying Russian history and becoming enthralled with the royal family, communism and the revolution I’d love to learn about it more and the best place to do that would be – by going there!


8) Australia

This is a country I’d love to make a bit of a tour out of. Spend 4 – 6 weeks and see all the cities and surf/dive all the beaches. See the great barrier reef before I can’t anymore. One thing I’m terrified of is the insects… I hope they’ve been over exaggerated.


9) Tokyo, Japan

I’ve always wanted to visit the far East. Their culture is so different from the West and I’d absolutely love to learn more about it. I love anime and Japanese food so hopefully I’d fit in. Above in the photo is Tokyo tower which was modelled on the Eiffel Tower but is 13m taller. I feel like Tokyo would be an Eastern version of NYC and I bloody love NYC.

These are nine places I recommend/am definitely going to explore in the next few years of my life. I have this really unrealistic goal of visiting every country in the world before I die. Hopefully I can take a year or two off of ‘adulting’ and just go on worldwide adventures.

Which of these locations is on your travel bucket list? Are there any others you think I should consider?