What I’ve Been Reading Recently #2

Hey guys, I decided to make this a regular segment on my blog where I do one post a month talking about some books that I’ve been reading. Also, if you check out my monthly favourites for August I recommend 2 books in that too. I’m an English Literature student so I’m constantly exposed to lots of literature and because I love it I’m always picking up books to read in my leisure time. I hope you like what I have to say about these and hopefully pick one of these up!

How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran – Know as a hilarious and bad ass feminist to those who know of her Moran also writes non-fiction. Her first fiction comes in the form of How to Build a Girl. It’s very different from her book How to Be a Woman. HTBAW is full of comments about the female life and how we have progressed as a gender (if we are being very broad) and it’s also absolutely hilarious. How To Build A Girl seems pseudo auto-biographical. Although Moran says it’s a work of fiction the similarities between her early life and that of her character Dolly are striking. This book wasn’t as good as her non-fiction by a wide margin. But it’s an easy read and somewhat entertaining.

Us by David Nicholls – I was such a huge fan of One Day so I’m expecting a lot from Us. I’m 100 pages in and so far it’s not a bad story. Certainly not a story you hear very often. A husband has just been told his wife wants a divorce they’re heading on an interlining trip with their miserable teenage son Albie – I’m taking it he’s going to try and save the marriage and either a) they’ll get back together b) it’ll end miserably like One Day. I’m interested to see where this novel goes. It’s very easy reading which really short chapter so I’m propelling through it pretty quickly. The only thing I kind of hate about this book is how miserable the husband is – no wonder his wife wants a divorce. Pessimistic and self involved he has a really bleak view on the world and seems to hate his own son for carving his own path. Kind of hate him. But we’ll see. Did you guys read One Day?

An Evil Mind – Chris Carter – I don’t read a lot of crime or horror but recently I’ve started picking up these kinds of books because I really love TV shows like Dexter and The Walking Dead. An Evil mind is about a member of the LAPD who is contacted to help solve a string of several murders spanning over 20/30 years. There is a plot twist which comes around the middle of the book which is really good and very interesting. At some points Carter piles on more horror and horror for that shock effect an d it escalates to the point of being silly. The ending was good. Quite an enjoyable read.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers – Since ‘getting older’ aka since leaving high school I’ve read so much more non-fiction because I’m starting to find those books really interesting. FTFADIA is a motivational/self-help book that breaks down the components of fear and displays ways of combatting and overcoming it. I’m not afraid of much to be honest but I feel like these lessons are important in a lot of aspect of life – i.e I’m moving to LA on the 15th and I’m sure I’ll be a little scared then so I’ll have ways to help me cope. If you fear public speaking, changing career, asking for something you want etc. give it a go!

If you aren’t reading non-fiction I’d highly recommend you grabbing FTFADIA, Freakonomics, or something like an autobiography, Stephen Fry’s are my absolute favourites.

What are some books you’d recommend?

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  • I studied English language and literature too, so I get what you mean about being exposed to loads of books! I really want to read 'Us' it's been on my list for a while.

    Lucy x- Yellowicing