YSL Rogue Voluptè Shine Lipstick

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I usually only shop for Lipsticks at MAC (hence my huge collection post the other day which you can click to check out!) But I felt like I needed to widen my scope of lipsticks and try some other brands. Recently I’ve been gaining a lot of beauty inspiration from Instagram and I was particularly taken with an account called @differentisthebest because she posts amazing beauty photos. I noticed that YSL lipsticks have the most gorgeous packaging and I wanted to see for myself if the product inside was just as beautiful…


I chose a ‘safe’ shade but to be honest YSL didn’t have many crazy colours. No bright oranges, only one plum. Nothing like MAC. So I opted for a bright Barbie pink in shade 31 from the Rouge Volupté  Shine range. The lipstick looks very bright and almost neon when you pop it out of the container but I made sure to swatch all the colours I was interested in before purchasing. Turns out that because the shade is a Shine and not a Matte it isn’t as bright as it first appeared. I personally have a great distaste for bright pinks like Candy Yum Yum as I feel they look really tacky (the brightest I can handle is a pink Viva Glam – Cyrus or Minaj). So I was glad to see that this was a more subdued and wearable colour.

One thing I noticed about the lipstick is its smell. MAC I feel smells quite vanilla-ry as do Kat Von D’s lipsticks. Topshop’s don’t smell like anything and Chanel’s are practically scentless. YSL lipstick smells like watermelon and it is noticeable. I picked my little pug up and she practically all but snogged me. If you’re after a lipstick that gives nice colour and smells divine then I’ll patiently direct you to YSL’s counter.

I personally prefer matte finishes for lipsticks as I feel like it takes a lot more to make them budge. I’ll be adding Lipcote on top of this and keeping it on my person to refresh if I’m going out for lunch. Unfortunately, the packaging for the matte finish lipsticks wasn’t as nice. I know that seems ridiculous. Buying a lipstick you prefer less because the packaging was cuter but I honestly feel like I need more range of lipsticks in their finish. Not just the brand. So I’m branching out… moving from the matte. Kylie Jenner would kill me.

What do you think of the YSL lipstick? What brand do you think I should try next? I was feeling Tom Ford…
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  • chanel is one of my favs. Have you tried Urban Decay? they have amazing ones! 😀

    nice shade you chose 😉

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi

  • What a beautiful pink shade. This is definitely a lipstick I need in my collection!


  • I haven't tried YSL and I have mostly MAC lipsticks, so I'm also branching out, but I really love my chanel one, so if you want to branch out, you can safely chose chanel <3

    Elise Olsen| kinkx.blogspot.com

  • lovely lipstick!!

  • Hard to beat YSL lipsticks! The packaging is also to die for! xx


  • I love YSL lipsticks, I had their sheer range one in a really nice purple. If you're looking to broaden your lipstick horizons, definitely try Chanel, they have such nice colours and their formulas are great too and don't forget the sophisticated packaging as well haha!
    Mantenso xx
    She's AbouThat Life

  • Beautiful shade, but i just don't feel like they last very long on the lips, although the packaging is so pretty x

  • Such a lovely lipstick! Also love the packaging of YSL lipsticks!
    Nati xx

  • i only just started getting into mac lipsticks but i'm quickly becoming obsessed, can't beat the packaging of the ysl ones though!

    danielle | avec danielle

  • Love this lipstick! And I loooove your tattoo 🙂


  • ysl lipsticks definitely has beautiful packaging but my fave lipsticks are mac ones aha! such beautiful shade you picked 🙂

  • What a beautiful lipstick shade! I need this in my life haha! x


  • These lipsticks are just so beautiful, I absolutely adore the packaging and you picked out a gorgeous shade x

    Beauty with charm | Zoeva Giveaway

  • I usually only buy MAC lipsticks too but bought a YSL one about 4 months ago. I agree about the shade range and I got a neutral one too! They are great throw in your handbag lipsticks because they require so little effort <3


  • I don't have experience with YSL but I love the shade and if it smells really nice…I definitely would give it a try…

  • This is beautiful! I adore the packaging and design of YSL lipsticks but sadly don't own one myself! Will be keeping an eye out to see if you post on a Tom Ford lippie in the future!xx

    Laura | Lala London: Beauty & Lifestyle

  • YSL is such a lovely beauty brand, I adore the mascaras and full metal eye shadows but am yet to try any lip products, I love the colour of this and the finish sounds ideal!

    Jasmine | jasminehardingmakeup.com