Alexander McQueen Styled for Work & Night

Same dress, different look. I simply love versatile items and this McQueen dress is perfect for so many occasions. I was lucky enough to pick it up in the sale so it was an absolute steal as well which always makes it so much better. This is my first McQueen dress (of many – I’m sure) and I love it.

The material the dress is made from is so super soft, comfy and stretchy so it really hugs your figure and makes your curves stand out which I love. It has a kind of ribbed (lol) effect on the sleeves, chest and body which really reminds me of Taylor Momsen’s style. Apart from the dress isn’t overdone so it doesn’t look too grunge or trashy (I sometimes think the holes can go either way)

The dress is fairly long in length as it comes to my knees (I’m 5″10) so it’s great to pull down to full length if you’re going to work or have meetings or anything of that kind of nature. However, you can easily pull it up so it’s slightly baggier around the stomach which instantly turns it into a dress that you can go out and part in.

I paired the dress with two pairs of shoes for the work and night time look. Both pairs are from the Shoe God – Jeffrey Campbell. I love the first pair because of the amount of detail going on in such a small shoe. There’s the perspex heel, the metal band over the toe, the cut out at the ankle. They’re lovely and comfy boots. Not to mention super stylish. There’s a part of me that really loves gothic, punk ands grunge style and I always feel like JC’s shoes speak to me on that level. Especially the JC Lita. Those studded babies have been mine for a while and I love them. They’re really comfy and support your ankle well. Not to mention they’re totally bad ass.

To add some colour to the nighttime look I decided to grab my small Vivienne Westwood bag. I love the bright check print as it brightens up outfits that are simple blacks, whites, nudes and greys. It’s the perfect size for a night out too. It’ll fit emergency fit flops, make-up, your phone and purse with room for keys – no problem.

What do you guys think of the McQueen dress?

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